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(Nothing like a little dimestore French to add pretensions to a web page.)

Welcome to yet another page of blatherings on film.


(Note : A + in front of any title means I've only seen the movie on the small screen.)

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Mike D'Angelo. Possessed of a rapier wit, his reviews are insightful without ever being the least bit stuffy. Also writes reviews for some little-known rag.
Bryant Frazer. Deep Focus. In-depth reviews that would do Pauline Kael proud.
Steve Erickson. Not many reviews, but those that are here are uniformly superb. Also contains (or will contain) the collected translated works of the French critic Serge Daney, which are well worth reading.


The one and only Internet Movie Database. If you don't have this address permanently stored in your cranium, or at the very least bookmarked, you can't claim to be a film buff.
Movie Review Query Engine. Do I need to explain what this is?


Everything I needed to know, I learned from Cecil Adams.

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