Cube - F
Viewed September 12 at Sony 84th St.

The worst film I've seen in a movie theater since I moved to New York, Cube is a horribly written and acted piece of sub-Twilight Zone paranoia. The concept (a set of chambers connected in a cube with interspersed booby traps - think of the world's deadliest Rubik's Cube) is a neat idea for an Outer Limits episode, and the pre-title sequence is effectively creepy; but our six characters in search of the exit are such a dull and incompetently-acted lot that the film devolves into an exercise in mechanical tedium with all the thrill of watching someone else solve a math puzzle in Games magazine. And the film manages to blow even that kind of internal logic to indulge in the cheapest of horror cliches for its climax. (And thus implying human intelligence and empathy is for nought, a view I find thoroughly repugnant.)