Disturbing Behavior - C
Viewed January 27, 1999 on DVD

A ho-hum retread of The Stepford Wives whose only major interest is in the first three minutes, which has the year's best opening credits sequence : an abstract miasma of light set to an electro-ambient score (The X-Files' Mark Snow, doing very good work here), with occasional and unpredictrably set bursts of discordant notes and shock imagery. It's a disqueting bit of work that belongs on a much, much better film than this one. (The next Cronenberg film, perhaps...)

The rest of the film is disposable. The acting is lifeless, and Rosenberg's dialogue out-clevers itself to the point of confusion. ("Cooks rich trash" -- huh? Maybe Mr. Siegel could explain that little script nugget describing Katie Holmes' generic quasi-Goth-metal bad girl character to me.) The film runs at a brisk 80 minutes (at least I'm not going to complain that it's too long), but judging by the number of deleted scenes on the DVD, the editing was ruthless. Maybe some of them explain the gaping plot holes like why a town cop is covering up mad neuroscientist Caldecott's plans. I could check them out, I suppose, but I just don't fucking care.

P.S. Anyone else think Jimmy Marsden, playing the supposed hero, looks like a dead ringer for Jonathan Schaech?