The Wedding Singer - C
Viewed Feb 15, 1998 at Sony Lincoln Square

Thoroughly forgettable romantic comedy that mistakes eighties kitsch nostalgia/derision for humor. Especially for someone like me who spent most of the mid-80s on a naval base in Spain, about as far removed from the more faddish elements of American pop culture as one can get. Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore both display a rather puppy-dog likability (even if Sandler seems to be repressing a smirk during any scene that comes remotely close to being serious), but they're playing such blahly nice characters it's hard to give much a damn about them. The movie only comes to life during two scenes : one, where Sandler, recently dumped by his fiance, spews a boozy rendition of "Love Stinks"; and two, when Jon Lovitz completely steals the film as a rival wedding singer. (Love that weird demonic smile he throws at the end of his scene.)