You've Got Mail - C
Viewed December 19, 1998 at Sony Lincoln Square

You've Got Mail, Nora Ephron's attempt to replicate whatever it was that made Sleepless in Seattle a hit is a dull dud. Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan certainly have chemistry together (witness the underappreciated Joe vs. the Volcano) but they're handicapped by their characters - Hanks' natural Everyguy likability can't quite overcome the fact that his character's an asshole; and while I'm a Meg Ryan fan, she overdoes her Meg-Ryan-ness as the owner of a children's bookstore. And the two stars are pretty much the only reason to see the film (along with a few good one-liners), as Ephron wastes what looked like on paper to be a great supporting cast. For example, Steve Zahn in his first scene shuffles in and delivers a great line about the Internet in his impeccable style . He then occasionaly shows up in the frame to remind us that, yes, Steve Zahn is in the film. Parker Posey and Dabney Coleman are similarly wasted. The screenplay is too cutesy by half, and the last half-hour drags on for far too long. It did give me one of the year's oddest filmgoing moments, though : watching Ryan and Greg Kinnear (as her liberal columnist boyfriend) watch a movie in the same exact auditorium where I was watching them watch a movie. Weird.