Analyze This - C+
Viewed March 13, 1999 at Lincoln Square

A mild, genially amusing comedy that only mines the obvious from its fine central conceit : a Mafia boss on the psychiatrist's couch. It's Olestra filmmaking : a bit of flavor on the tongue, but it's going to pass right through. And maybe cause a little gastric distress at the end. Robert DeNiro (parodying his tough-guy image) and Billy Crystal have fine chemistry together, but none of the gags are likely to cause gales of laughter; at best, they're chuckle-worthy. The only thing that distinguishes this from an average TV sitcom is the liberal use of the f-word.

And on a side note, what kind of director casts Lisa Kudrow (arguably America's funniest screen comedienne) in a comedy, and then puts her into a thoroughly superfluous girlfriend role? That's what the Rene Russos of the world are for. Kudrow still manages to wring some laughs with her amazing use of vocal inflections (she could read the telephone book and it'd be funny), but it seems like such a waste of talent.