Blast from the Past - C
Viewed February 13, 1999 at Lincoln Square

A tedious and mediocre rendering of what was a great premise : man raised entirely in a nuclear fallout shelter by a family convinced The Bomb was dropped comes up to the real world. There could be some great stuff in the idea and perhaps a chance for truly sharp satire, but Blast is a bore; its ideas of the 60s are sitcom kitsch, and the film's most clever concept is having its male and female leads named Adam and Eve. It has its moments, especially when the film remembers its concept and Brendan Fraser is allowed to do his patented fish-out-of-water shtick; but for the most part Blast from the Past engages in a bland romance between Fraser and Alicia Silverstone[2] that manages to outdo last year's The Wedding Singer in the blah category.

[1]Wonder how many brain cells it took to come up with that one?
[2]Where did that comic charm she displayed in Clueless disappear to?