The World Is Not Enough - C
Viewed November 21, 1999 at Union Square

The weakest Bond since Roger Moore gave up his licence to kill, World isn't exactly bad, but it is singularly lackluster. Lackluster in action: the film uses the Bond staples of submarines, skies, and speedboats with little intelligence or variation and Apted proves to be an inadequate action director. Lackluster in villainy: Robert Carlyle's Reinard has a neat quirk in being unable to feel pain but the film isn't smart enough to use that in interesting and unexpected ways. Lackluster in acting: only Sophie Marceau appears to be having any fun and then only during a short stretch near the end. While Pierce Brosnan looks suitably superspyish, his genial hollowness makes you wish for a real actor (like, say, Timothy Dalton) to reclaim the part.[1] The only area where World distinguishes itself in the Bond series is in the punning, especially the final one, which is a baddie for the ages.

[1]I won't even pick on Denise Richards since she clearly wasn't chosen for her acting ability.