The Bone Collector - C
Viewed December 11, 1999 at Lincoln Square

A generic entry in the Detective Movie, Grisly Serial Killer subdivision, The Bone Collector may be the most ludicrous film I've seen this year. The final scene where Denzel Washington gets into a mano-a-mano fight with his nemesis is utterly ridiculous, even if Washington didn't happen to be playing a quadriplegic confined to his bed; I spent most of the time during that scene chuckling underneath my breath and perversely admiring the chutzpah of putting something that silly upon the screen. And that's only the high point of the shenanigans; other entries in the "really willful suspension of disbelief" sweepstakes include Angelina Jolie's inexperienced cop fresh off the beat suddenly becoming a forensics expert after two crime scenes, the Imbecile Police Captain that's de rigeur for nonsense like this, and the ridiculous ease by which Washington manages to put clues together. The fact I actually was willing to suspend my disbelief for most of the film is testament to the importance of having actual actors in a film, even in junk like this; Washington and Jolie both give their characters multidimensionality that keeps the film intriguing. And a detective that might pop off at any moment from a seizure does make for a great narrative hook.