The Corruptor - D
Viewed March 14, 1999 at Astor Plaza

So this is what Chow Yun-Fat's English lessons have come to: the chance to deliver such priceless pearls of dialogue as "He's not white. He's green!" and "You don't change Chinatown. Chinatown changes you." (And that's just in the first 10 minutes!) The Corruptor is that rarity : a Hollywood movie so out-and-out boring that it makes cataloging your toenail clippings seem like Excitement City in comparison. Chow tries hard, but he gets no support from Mark Wahlberg, who proves by his non-performance in this film how great a director of actors Paul Thomas Anderson is. Even the great Brian Cox (as Wahlberg's disgraced cop pop) can't perk the film up.

P.S. And just once I'd like to see a Hollywood flick with a large Asian cast that has absolutely nothing to do with gangsters or Vietnam.