If you've been to Mike D'Angelo's site, you should be familiar with the basic idea here. * means I've seen it in the comfort (such as it is) of my living room, /film title/ indicates a repeat viewing. About the only thing different is I've added a bit of commentary to some of my latter viewing experiences. This is a preliminary beta version, and I'll probably work my way up the list in the weeks to come. (Yes, I have no social life.)

001. (01 Jan) Stepmom (1998, Chris Columbus) [D]
002. (01 Jan) The Faculty (1998, Robert Rodriguez) [B]
003. (05 Jan) *The Graduate (1967, Mike Nichols) [B-]
004. (07 Jan) *Madeline (1998, Daisy von Scherner Mayer) [B-]
005. (09 Jan) Hurlyburly (1998, Anthony Drazan) [C]
006. (09 Jan) The General (1998, John Boorman) [B]
007. (09 Jan) Hilary and Jackie (1998, Anand Tucker) [C+]
008. (15 Jan) *Kiss of the Vampire (1962, Don Sharp) [B]
009. (16 Jan) The Thin Red Line (1998, Terrence Malick) [B+]
010. (16 Jan) Affliction (1998, Paul Schrader) [C+]
011. (23 Jan) A Civil Action (1998, Steve Zallian) [B]
012. (23 Jan) Playing by Heart (1999, Willard Caroll) [B]
013. (24 Jan) *All Quiet on the Western Front (1930, Lewis Milestone) [A-]
014. (27 Jan) *Disturbing Behavior (1998, David Nutter) [C]
015. (30 Jan) Peeping Tom (1960, Michael Powell) [A-]
016. (30 Jan) The 24 Hour Woman (1999, Nancy Sacova) [C]
017. (31 Jan) *Baseketball (1998, David Zucker) [C-]
018. (01 Feb) She's All That (1999, David Iscove) [C+]
019. (01 Feb) Central Station (1998, Walter Salles) [D+]
020. (01 Feb) Star Trek : Insurrection (1998, Jonathan Frakes) [B]
021. (04 Feb) */All of Me/ (1984, Carl Reiner) [B+]
022. (05 Feb) *Dolores Claiborne (1995, Taylor Hackford) [B+]
023. (06 Feb) Hands on a Hard Body (1996, S.R. Bindler) [B]
024. (06 Feb) Payback (1999, Brian Helgeland) [D+]
s01. (06 Feb) Les escargots (1968, Rene Laloux) [B]
025. (06 Feb) Fantastic Planet (1973, Rene Laloux) [B+]
Cheeseball story, mind-tripping visuals, and at times cheerfully demented outlook that could only be Gallic in nature. Not to be missed by fans of SF and/or animation.
026. (07 Feb) *Altered States (1980, Ken Russell) [B]
027. (12 Feb) *The Exorcist (1973, William Friedkin) [B-]
The scariest movie of all time? Yeah, right. I suppose that I find this religious scare-o-rama ridiculous (if at least pulpishly entertaining) is the final proof that I never was much of a Catholic.
028. (13 Feb) Blast from the Past (1999, Hugh Wilson) [C]
029. (13 Feb) /Rushmore/ (1998, Wes Anderson) [A]
030. (14 Feb) Tango (1999, Carlos Saura) [C+]
031. (14 Feb) God Said, "Ha!" (1999, Julia Sweeney) [B]
032. (19 Feb) */Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country/ (1992, Nicholas Meyer) [B]
033. (20 Feb) Office Space (1999, Mike Judge) [B-]
034. (20 Feb) October Sky (1999, Joe Johnston) [B+]
035. (20 Feb) /Close Encounters of the Third Kind/ (1977, Steven Spielberg) [B+]
036. (21 Feb) *Bottle Rocket (1996, Wes Anderson) [B+]
It's no Rushmore and there's little evidence of the awe-inspiring mastery of the film medium Anderson displayed in that film, but the same whimsical and affectionate humor is in ample portions throughout.
037. (21 Feb) */The Lady Vanishes/ (1938, Alfred Hitchcock) [A]
038. (22 Feb) *Horse Feathers (1931, Norman McLeod) [B]
039. (27 Feb) 200 Cigarettes (1999, Rosa Garcia) [C]
040. (27 Feb) The School of Flesh (1999, Benoit Jacquot) [C+]
041. (27 Feb) Shadow of a Doubt (1942, Alfred Hitchcock) [A-]
042. (28 Feb) *Chloe in the Afternoon (1972, Eric Rohmer) [B]
043. (01 Mar) */The Truth About Cats & Dogs/ (1996, Michael Lehmann) [A-]
There's one montage too many, but I find this romantic comedy completely irresistible. Garofalo, of course, shines here, but the surprise here is the complexity that Uma Thurman (never better) brings to the oft-simplified "dumb blonde".
044. (02 Mar) *Tokyo Drifter (1966, Seijun Suzuki) [B] Attitude and style, this film has. You could power a small country with the energy of this film's attitude and style. Sense, on the other hand, is in short supply.
045. (04 Mar) *How to Make an American Quilt (1995, Jocelyn Moorhouse) [B]
046. (06 Mar) Cruel Intentions (1999, Roger Kumble) [B]
047. (06 Mar) Marnie (1964, Alfred Hitchcock) [B+]
048. (06 Mar) Six Ways to Sunday (1999, Adam Bernstein) [B-]
049. (13 Mar) Analyze This (1999, Harold Ramis) [C+]
050. (13 Mar) The Class Trip (1998, Claude Miller) [B]
051. (13 Mar) Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels (1999, Guy Ritchie) [B]
052. (14 Mar) The Corruptor (1999, James Foley) [D]
053. (14 Mar) The Hole (1999, Tsai Ming-Liang) [B-]
054. (14 Mar) The First Night of My Life (1999, Miguel Almajedro?) [B+]
055. (14 Mar) The Wall (1999, Alain Berliner) [B-]
056. (20 Mar) Forces of Nature (1999, Brownwen Hughes) [C]
057. (20 Mar) /Rushmore/ (1998, Wes Anderson) [A]
058. (20 Mar) The Deep End of the Ocean (1999, Ule Grosbard) [C]
059. (21 Mar) The Book of Life (1999, Hal Hartley) [B+]
060. (21 Mar) Les Sanguinaires (1999, Patrice Clantet) [B-]
061. (26 Mar) */Dazed and Confused/ (1993, Richard Linklater) [A]
062. (27 Mar) Ravenous (1999, Antonia Bird) [B-]
063. (27 Mar) Children of Heaven (1999, Majid Majidi) [B]
064. (27 Mar) The Sticky Fingers of Time (1999, Hilary Brougher) [B]
065. (28 Mar) Of Freaks and Men (1998, Alexei Barudno) [A-]
066. (28 Mar) West Beirut (1999, Ziad Doueiri) [B]
067. (28 Mar) Birth of a Butterfly (1998, Mojtaba Raei) [C+]
068. (02 Apr) The Matrix (1999, Wachowski Bros.) [B+]
069. (02 Apr) The Dreamlife of Angels (1998, Erick Zoncka) [A-]
070. (02 Apr) Cookie's Fortune (1999, Robert Altman) [C-]
071. (03 Apr) Following (1999, Christopher Nolan) [C]
072. (03 Apr) Thrane's Method (1998, Unni Steane) [D]
073. (03 Apr) 10 Things I Hate About You (1999, Gil Junger) [B-]
074. (03 Apr) Tokyo Eyes (1998, Jean-Pierre Limosin) [C]
075. (04 Apr) */L.A. Confidential/ (1997, Curtis Hanson) [A]
076. (06 Apr) */The Manchurian Candidate/ (1962, John Frankenheimer) [A]
077. (10 Apr) Twin Falls Idaho (1999, Mark Polish) [B-]
078. (10 Apr) Go (1999, Doug Liman) [C]
079. (11 Apr) *Rambling Rose (1991, Martha Coolidge) [B-]
080. (11 Apr) *Time Bandits (1981, Terry Gilliam) [B+]
081. (17 Apr) Never Been Kissed (1999, Raja Gosnell) [B]
082. (17 Apr) Jeanne and the Perfect Guy (1999,) [B]
083. (17 Apr) Hideous Kinky (1999, Gilles MacKinnon) [C]
084. (18 Apr) */Wild Things/ (1998, John McNaughton) [B+]
085. (21 Apr) */A Bug's Life/ (1998, John Lassiter) [A]
086. (23 Apr) */Heathers/ (1988, Michael Lehmann) [A-]
087. (24 Apr) Election (1999, Alexander Payne) [B]
088. (24 Apr) eXistenZ (1999, David Cronenberg) [B]
089. (30 Apr) */The Adventures of Baron Munchausen/ (1988, Terry Gilliam) [A]
090. (01 May) /Days of Heaven/ (1978, Terrence Malick) [A]
091. (01 May) Shoot the Piano Player (1960, Francois Truffaut) [C+]
092. (02 May) The Winslow Boy (1999, David Mamet) [B+]
093. (02 May) Pushing Tin (1999, Mike Newell) [C]
094. (03 May) *The Big Red One (1980, Sam Fuller) [B]
095. (06 May) *At First Sight (1999, Irwin Winkler) [C]
096. (08 May) The Mummy (1999, Stephen Sommers) [B-]
097. (08 May) The Castle (1999, Rob Stitch) [D]
098. (08 May) Paper Moon (1973, Peter Bogdanovich) [A-]
099. (09 May) A Walk on the Moon (1999, Tony Goldwyn) [B+]
100. (09 May) Five Corners (1988, Todd Bill) [B]
101. (09 May) Violent Cop (1989, Takeshi Kitano) [B]
102. (13 May) *State Fair (1945, Walter Lang) [B]
103. (15 May) A Midsummer Night's Dream (1999, Michael Hoffman) [C+]
104. (15 May) Leila (1996, Darius Mehriji) [B]
105. (15 May) Jules and Jim (1962, Francois Truffaut) [B-]
106. (19 May) */The Hudsucker Proxy/ (1994, Joel Coen) [A-]
107. (22 May) Besieged (1999, Bernardo Bertolucci) [C+]
108. (22 May) After Life (1999, Hirokazu Kore-eda) [B+]
109. (23 May) Rope (1948, Alfred Hitchcock) [B]
110. (23 May) The Love Letter (1999, Peter Chan) [B-]
111. (28 May) *The Red Shoes (1948, Michael Powell & Emeric Pressburger) [A]
112. (29 May) The Phantom Menace (1999, George Lucas) [C]
113. (29 May) /The Trouble with Harry/ (1954, Alfred Hitchcock) [A]
114. (30 May) The Loss of Sexual Innocence (1999, Mike Figgis) [D+]
115. (30 May) Two English Girls (1971, Francois Truffaut) [A]
116. (30 May) The Third Man (1949, Carol Reed) [A-]
117. (31 May) Notting Hill (1999, Roger Michell) [B]
118. (31 May) Why Worry? (1923, Fred Newmeyer & Sam Taylor) [B]
119. (31 May) Professor Beware (1938, Elliot Nugent) [B+]
120. (01 Jun) *River of No Return (1954, Otto Preminger) [B-]
So-so Western whose whitewater sequences aren't anywhere near as exciting as they should be, with typical turns from Mitchum and Monroe.
121. (03 Jun) *Peyton Place (1957, Mark Robson) [A-]
Laced with enough suds to do my laundry for an entire year and just a touch corny. It's also one highly entertaining movie.
122. (04 Jun) *Singles (1992, Cameron Crowe) [B]
123. (05 Jun) *Curse of the Demon (1957, Jacques Tourneur) [C+]
124. (05 Jun) Limbo (1999, John Sayles) [B-]
125. (06 Jun) Desert Blue (1999, Morgan J. Freeman) [C+]
126. (06 Jun) Bed and Board (1970, Francois Truffaut) [B+]
127. (10 Jun) *Heaven Knows, Mr. Allison (1957, John Huston) [B]
128. (11 Jun) Topaz (1969, Alfred Hitchcock) [C-]
The first out-and-out terrible Hitchcock film I've seen. A meandering, boring mess that's the precursor to all the horrid and bloated miniseries that choked TV in the eighties.
129. (11 Jun) Torn Curtain (1966, Alfred Hitchcock) [B-]
Just like a Brian DePalma film: some superb set pieces (the battle in the kitchen ranks among Hitchcock's finest), but a cold, senseless movie otherwise.
130. (12 Jun) Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me (1999, Jay Roach) [B-]
131. (12 Jun) The Bride Wore Black (1968, Francois Truffaut) [B+]
132. (12 Jun) *Roman Holiday (1953, William Wyler) [B]
133. (16 Jun) */Sirens/ (1994, John Duigan) [B+]
134. (19 Jun) An Ideal Husband (1999, Oliver Parker) [C]
135. (19 Jun) Tarzan (1999, Kevin Lima & Chris Buck) [A-]
136. (20 Jun) Small Change (1976, Francois Truffaut) [A-]
137. (20 Jun) Run Lola Run (1999, Tom Twyker) [B-]
138. (23 Jun) *Pillow Talk (1959, Michael Gordon) [C]
139. (25 Jun) *The Court Jester (1956, Norman Panama & Melvin Frank) [B+]
140. (26 Jun) Sunset Boulevard (1950, Billy Wilder) [A]
141. (26 Jun) The Wedding March (1928, Erich von Stronheim) [B+]
142. (26 Jun) */Four Weddings and a Funeral/ (1994, Mike Newell) [A]
143. (27 Jun) Letter From an Unknown Woman (1948, Max Ophuls) [B+]
144. (27 Jun) The Earrings of Madame De... (1953, Max Ophuls) [C]
In the "blind spot" section, I submit my distaste for old-fashioned Continental aristocracy; naturally the appeal of Ophuls' film is lost on me, I'm afraid. Elegant camerawork, though.
145. (30 Jun) */Ghostbusters/ (1984, Ivan Reitman) [A-]
146. (01 Jul) *It Could Happen To You (1994, Andrew Bergman) [C-]
Starts off well, with fine low-key performances from Cage and Fonda, but the sentimentality becomes noxiously sticky-sweet during the last few reels. Major negative points for having a reprehensible rag like the Post play a major part in the proceedings.
147. (02 Jul) *The Sting (1973, George Roy Hill) [B+]
Inferior to 1973's other Depression-era comedy about con men (Peter Bogdanovich's Paper Moon), but a highly enjoyable lark all the same; there's something deeply satisfying about seeing a perfectly executed con game.
148. (03 Jul) South Park: Bigger, Longer, & Uncut (1999, Trey Parker) [B]
149. (03 Jul) Summer of Sam (1999, Spike Lee) [B-]
150. (03 Jul) *The Most Dangerous Game (1932, Ernest B. Schoedsack & Irving Pichel) [B]
Fine, well-mounted adventure that has the cardinal virtue of being a spare 63 minutes; there's no padding on this lean machine. Major flaw is the florid overacting of Leslie Banks as Count Zaroff.
151. (04 Jul) */The Matchmaker/ (1997, Mark Joffe) [B]
Rather weak Janeane Garofalo vehicle with way too much Irish blarney, but it's a perfectly servicable romantic comedy. Plus it does star Garofalo, so I consider it worthy of repeat viewing. (Those of you who aren't as enamored of her as I am can drop the rating down a couple of notches.)
152. (05 Jul) Wild Wild West (1999, Barry Sonnenfeld) [D]
153. (05 Jul) The Lovers on the Bridge (1991, Leos Carax) [A]
154. (05 Jul) A Sailor-Made Man (1921, Fred Newmeyer) [B]
Halfway between a short and a feature (it's only 43 minutes long), this is a solid but unexceptional Lloyd comedy.
155. (05 Jul) Girl Shy (1924, Fred Newmeyer & Sam Taylor) [A-]
The last half-hour, where Lloyd uses every conceivable form of transportation in order to stop a wedding, is silent comedy at its finest. Of the four Lloyd features I've caught during Film Forum's Lloyd retrospective, this is easily my favorite.
155. (09 Jul) *In Dreams (1999, Neil Jordan) [C+]
156. (10 Jul) American Pie (1999, Adam & Chris Weisz) [C+]
157. (10 Jul) Clean, Shaven (1993, Lodge Kerrigan) [B]
Creepy study of schizophrenia with the kind of truly impressive sound design that makes me reflexively think "Lynch".
158. (10 Jul) Crush (1992, Alison Maclean) [B+]
Well-acted and enthralling melodrama that like Anne Fontaine's Dry Cleaning is powered by unacknowledged currents of raw sexual tension. (Not for nothing does this take place in Rotorua, home to geysers and bubbling cauldrons of mud.)
159. (11 Jul) Arlington Road (1999, Mark Pellington) [B-]
160. (11 Jul) Autumn Tale (1999, Eric Rohmer) [B+]
161. (15 Jul) *The Beguiled (1970, Don Siegel) [B+]
A feverish, no-holds-barred Southern Gothic that's certainly one of the oddest items on Eastwood's resume. Directed with some unnecessary art-house flourishes by Siegel.
162. (16 Jul) Eyes Wide Shut (1999, Stanley Kubrick) [B]
163. (17 Jul) A Star Is Born (1954, George Cukor) [A]
Er, wow. Garland and Mason were robbed at the Oscars, with both giving tour-de-force performances.
164. (17 Jul) The Women (1939, George Cukor) [B]
The multimedia OED should have a clip from this film as the definition for "bitchy". Amusing, but the film hasn't aged that well and there are times when the film's conceit of not having a single male appear backfires, most notably in the ridiculous final shot.
165. (18 Jul) Lake Placid (1999, Steve Miner) [B]
166. (20 Jul) *Serial Mom (1994, John Waters) [B+]
Thoroughly loony and tongue-in-cheek document from Waters about our fascination with true crime. Kathleen Turner is fantastic as the titular heroine (gotta love her squeamishness about removing a bit of liver from a poker she just used to poke someone with), and the rest of the cast is in pitch with Waters' cartoon tone.
167. (21 Jul) *An American Werewolf in London (1981, John Landis) [B]
Landis has never displayed any skill at anything approaching real drama; therefore, the ending is completely uninvolving. (The charismaless David Naughton doesn't help matters.) The makeup effects are still impressive 18 years later, and Griffin Dunne's decaying corpse provides some very funny moments.
168. (24 Jul) The Blair Witch Project (1999, Daniel Myrick & Eduardo Sanchez) [A]
169. (24 Jul) Cabaret Balkan (1999, Goran Paskaljevic) [C]
170. (24 Jul) The Palm Beach Story (1942, Preston Sturges) [A]
I adore the way the film's final punchline explains the hectic title sequence. I adore the bizarre dialogues that both Colbert and McCrea have with the Weenie King. I adore the fast and furious one liners, the hectic moments of comic madness with the Ale and Quail Club, the monumental silliness of McCrea's Big Idea. Shoot, I just adore this film.
171. (25 Jul) *Clerks (1993, Kevin Smith) [C]
Smith's script is actually pretty funny; too bad the cast ranges from bad (Brian O'Halloran) to completely incompetent (Jason Mewes).
172. (27 Jul) *They Were Expendable (1945, John Ford) [B+]
A curious film; the flag-waving patriotism (the hero worship of MacArthur is a bit much) is thankfully tempered by an acute awareness of the costs of war, a downbeat narrative arc, and some truly great B&W photography (the Corregidor scenes, in particular, are a knockout in their use of shadow).
173. (30 Jul) *The Killing (1956, Stanley Kubrick) [A-]
174. (31 Jul) /Tarzan/ (1999, Kevin Lima & Chris Buck) [A-]
175. (31 Jul) /Babe/ (1995, Chris Noonan) [A]
"That'll do, pig. That'll do."
176. (31 Jul) Written on the Wind (1956, Douglas Sirk) [B+]
Well, *this* is different: I hadn't seen any Sirk before, and I was expecting something along the lines of a more stylized Peyton Place. What I got was an extremely Verhoevenesque melodrama that manages to be simultaneously sincere and over-the-top. I'm not sure what the hell to make of it, but I certainly liked it.
177. (01 Aug) /Eyes Wide Shut/ (1999, Stanley Kubrick) [C+]
178. (01 Aug) The Iron Giant (1999, Brad Bird) [B+]
179. (02 Aug) */Singin' in the Rain/ (1952, Gene Kelly & Stanley Donen) [A]
180. (02 Aug) */The Horse Whisperer/ (1998, Robert Redford) [B+]
This is starting to look to me like 1998's most unjustly ignored film. Perfectly paced, with a magnificent performance by Scarlett Johanssen.
181. (03 Aug) */There's Something About Mary/ (1998, Peter & Bobby Farrelly) [B+]
Supremely uneven, but it actually held up better than I expected on second viewing.
182. (06 Aug) Dick (1999, Andrew Fleming) [C+]
183. (06 Aug) The Thomas Crown Affair (1999, John McTiernan) [B-]
184. (07 Aug) Mystery Men (1999, Kinka Usher) [B]
185. (07 Aug) Those Who Love Me Can Take The Train (1999, Patrice Chereau) [B]
186. (07 Aug) Some Like It Hot (1959, Billy Wilder) [A-]
No question the gags are brilliant and Jack Lemmon's performance one of the great comic treasures of film history, but would it be churlish to point out that it's all a Bit Much?
187. (09 Aug) *Claire's Knee (1971, Eric Rohmer) [B+]
Watching a Rohmer film is like having a great conversation with your wittiest and smartest friends, and this one is no exception to the rule.
188. (11 Aug) *As Good As It Gets (1997, James L. Brooks) [B+]
I don't know what to make of Melvin Udall. Heck, the film doesn't know what to make of Melvin Udall. Is he an asshole because, well, he's an asshole or is it an elaborate defense mechanism to keep people away? If it's the latter, don't Brooks and Nicholson seem to be having too much fun with the nasty comments? Clearly a flawed film with a curiously ambivalent and fuzzy approach to its hero, but worth watching for Hunt's superb performance and Nicholson's overrated (but still pretty good) work, both of which hold up well on repeat viewing.
189. (13 Aug) /Buffalo '66/ (1998, Vincent Gallo) [A]
190. (13 Aug) Targets (1968, Peter Bogdanovich) [A-]
191. (13 Aug) /Microcosmos/ (1996, Claude Nurisany & Marie Perrinou) [A]
192. (15 Aug) The Sixth Sense (1999, M. Night Shaymalan) [B]
193. (15 Aug) Bowfinger (1999, Frank Oz) [C]
194. (18 Aug) *Summer (1986, Eric Rohmer) [B+]
195. (21 Aug) /The Iron Giant/ (1999, Brad Bird) [A-]
196. (21 Aug) Mickey Blue Eyes (1999, Kelly Makin) [C-]
197. (21 Aug) */Doc Hollywood/ (1991, Michael Caton-Jones) [B+]
Hollywood's view of the South is pure bunk, but its view of small-town life is highly bewitching, anyways. Helped greatly by Michael J. Fox (who I find underrated) in his best post-Family Ties performance.
198. (22 Aug) *Virus (1999, John Bruno) [D]
199. (28 Aug) The Muse (1999, Albert Brooks) [C+]
200. (31 Aug) *Sense and Sensibility (1995, Ang Lee) [A-]
201. (03 Sep) Family Viewing (1987, Atom Egoyan) [A]
Perhaps my favorite Egoyan to date, as he uses video here to great dramatic and (surprisingly, given how somber Exotica and The Sweet Hereafter are) comic effect as the young and immensely self-assured Van engages in a battle of will with his father over his grandmother. A great film about the importance and meaning of family.
202. (08 Sep) /South Park: Bigger, Longer, & Uncut/ (1999, Trey Parker) [B]
203. (10 Sep) Moloch (1999, Alexandr Sokurov) [C-]
204. (10 Sep) Une liasion pornographique (1999, Frederick Fontayne) [B]
205. (10 Sep) Mifune (2000, Soren Kragh-Jacobsen) [B]
206. (11 Sep) Kadosh (2000, Amos Gitai) [A-]
207. (11 Sep) Freeway II: Confessions of a Trickbaby (1999, Matthew Bright) [C+]
208. (11 Sep) Les amants criminels (1999, Francois Ozon) [C-]
209. (11 Sep) The Annihilation of Fish (1999, Charles Burnett) [C-]
210. (11 Sep) Emporte-Moi (2000, Lea Pool) [B+]
211. (12 Sep) Ratcatcher (1999, Lynne Ramsay) [A]
212. (12 Sep) Miss Julie (1999, Mike Figgis) [C+]
213. (12 Sep) Show Me Love (1999, Lukas Moodyson) [A-]
214. (12 Sep) American Movie (1999, Chris Smith) [B]
215. (13 Sep) The Cider House Rules (1999, Lasse Halstrom) [B]
216. (13 Sep) Gregory's Two Girls (1999, Bill Forsyth) [C]
217. (13 Sep) All the Rage (1999, James D. Stern) [D+]
218. (13 Sep) Away with Words (1999, Christopher Doyle) [B-]
219. (13 Sep) Boys Don't Cry (1999, Kimberly Peirce) [B+]
220. (14 Sep) The Emperor and the Assassin (2000, Chen Kaige) [B]
221. (14 Sep) Le petit voleur (1999, Erick Zoncka) [B-]
222. (14 Sep) Two Streams (1999, Carlos Reichenbach) [C]
223. (14 Sep) Molokai: The Story of Father Damien (1999, Paul Cox) [B-]
224. (14 Sep) My Best Fiend (1999, Werner Herzog) [C]
225. (15 Sep) Sweet and Lowdown (1999, Woody Allen) [B-]
226. (15 Sep) The War Zone (1999, Tim Roth) [B+]
227. (15 Sep) Map of the World (1999, Scott Elliot) [C+]
228. (15 Sep) julien donkey-boy (1999, Harmony Korine) [D-]
229. (16 Sep) A Room for Romeo Brass (1999, Shane Meadows) [A-]
230. (16 Sep) The Big Brass Ring (1999, George Hickenlooper) [C-]
231. (16 Sep) Kikujiro (2000, Takeshi Kitano) [B+]
232. (16 Sep) Wonderland (2000, Michael Winterbottom) [C]
233. (16 Sep) Pas de scandale (1999, Benoit Jacquot) [B-]
234. (17 Sep) Love and Action in Chicago (1999, Dwayne Johnson-Cochran) [C]
235. (17 Sep) The Big Kahuna (2000, John Swanbeck) [B+]
236. (17 Sep) Augustin, roi du kung-fu (1999, Anne Fontaine) [B]
237. (17 Sep) Moonlight Whispers (1999, Akihiko Shiota) [B-]
238. (17 Sep) Jesus' Son (1999, Alison Maclean) [C]
239. (18 Sep) Mr. Death: The Rise and Fall of Fred A. Leuchter, Jr. (1999, Errol Morris) [A]
240. (18 Sep) Me & Isaac Newton (1999, Michael Apted) [B]
241. (18 Sep) One Piece! (1999, Shinobi Yaguchi & Takuji Suzuki) [B-]
242. (18 Sep) L'humanite (1999, Bruno Dumont) [C+]
s01. (18 Sep) George Lucas in Love (1999, I Forget) [A-]
243. (18 Sep) Gamera 3: Revenge of Iris (1999, Shusuke Kaneko) [B]
244. (24 Sep) *Simply Irresistible (1999, Mark Tarlov) [C+]
245. (25 Sep) American Beauty (1999, Sam Mendes) [B+]
246. (25 Sep) Haxan [Witch] (1922, Benjamin Christensen) [A-]
In one of my more difficult filmgoing choices, I ditched my tickets to Color of Heaven and Michael Powell's The Edge of the World in order to catch Christensen's "cultural-historical lecture in moving pictures" on the history of witchcraft. I feel I made the right choice. (Though I do hope Powell's film pops up again in repertory soon.) Visually spectacular and with a marked sardonic streak, especially near the end, where Christensen appears to be as cynical about contemporary notions of "hysteria" as he is about the medieval church.
247. (25 Sep) Rien sur Robert (1999, Pascal Bonitzer) [C]
248. (25 Sep) Guinevere (1999, Audrey Wells) [B]
249. (26 Sep) License to Live (1999, Kiyoshi Kurosawa) [C+]
250. (26 Sep) Princess Mononoke (1997, Hayao Miyazaki) [B]
251. (02 Oct) Grand Illusion (1937, Jean Renoir) [A]
252. (02 Oct) Being John Malkovich (1999, Spike Jonze) [A-]
253. (02 Oct) Three Kings (1999, David O. Russell) [A-]
254. (03 Oct) Yellow Submarine (1968, George Dunning) [B]
Its flower-power philosophy has aged badly, but Yellow Submarine is still a visually interesting film, with a screenplay peppered with elaborate wordplay and vile punnery.
255. (03 Oct) Mumford (1999, Lawrence Kasdan) [C]
256. (03 Oct) Rosetta (1999, Jean & Luc-Pierre Dardenne) [C+]
257. (04 Oct) *EDtv (1999, Ron Howard) [B]
258. (05 Oct) *Mister Roberts (1955, John Ford & Mervyn LeRoy) [B+]
259. (07 Oct) *Breakfast at Tiffany's (1960, Blake Edwards) [B-]
260. (08 Oct) *Who Am I? (1998, Jackie Chan) [B+]
Great rooftop fight at climax and a fast-paced storyline more than compensate for the usual problems of Jackie's 90s films : dopey dialogue and badly written female leads.
261. (09 Oct) The Limey (1999, Steven Soderbergh) [C+]
262. (09 Oct) The Woman Chaser (1999, Robinson Devor) [B]
263. (16 Oct) Fight Club (1999, David Fincher) [A-]
264. (16 Oct) /Show Me Love/ (1999, Lukas Moodyson) [A-]
265. (16 Oct) L'Ennui (1999, Cedric Kahn) [B]
266. (17 Oct) The Passion of Joan of Arc (1927, Carl Dreyer) [A]
267. (17 Oct) Ordet (1955, Carl Dreyer) [A]
On my short list of greatest films of all time. The entire last hour of this is one of the most emotionally overwhelming experiences I've ever had in a movie theater; for about 10 minutes, I actually believed in God. (Then I came to my senses.)
268. (22 Oct) *The American President (1995, Rob Reiner) [B]
The same delights and problems I have with Aaron Sorkin's Sports Night are found here: great, whiplash-fast dialogue combined with simple-minded drama and soapbox didactism.
269. (23 Oct) Looney Tunes Hall of Fame [A]
15 great cartoons from Warner Bros. glory days (well, 14 and 1995's Another Froggy Evening, a pointless sequel to the mildly overrated one-joke One Froggy Evening). Lots of good stuff (including the brilliant Duck Amuck), and save for the first three, they're in their correct aspect ratio. Even if you've seen them countless times on TV, they deserve to be seen at least once on a real movie screen.
270. (24 Oct) The Straight Story (1999, David Lynch) [A]
271. (24 Oct) Bringing Out the Dead (1999, Martin Scorsese) [C-]
272. (28 Oct) */Stop Making Sense/ (1984, Jonathan Demme) [A-]
A rare occurence; a concert film made by a talented director of a brilliantly conceived stage show performed by a band at their creative zenith. There's not a bad number to be found here: even the Tom Tom Club song "Genius of Love" has a goofy charm.
273. (29 Oct) */Clueless/ (1995, Amy Heckerling) [A-]
274. (29 Oct) *The Pajama Game (1957, George Abbott & Stanley Donen) [B] Great songs. Too bad there's the barest wisp of a plot and more charmless leads than Doris Day and John Raitt are harder to come by.
275. (30 Oct) /Being John Malkovich/ (1999, Spike Jonze) [A]
276. (30 Oct) /North by Northwest/ (1959, Alfred Hitchcock) [A]
277. (06 Nov) */Licence to Kill/ (1989, John Glen) [B]
A lean Bond machine that's notable as the most brutal of the series; this is the one that recognizes that Bond is not too far removed from the sadistic megalomaniacs he constantly battles. If it wasn't for particularly atrocious acting by the two requisite femmes, this would easily be the best since Connery gave up the role instead of merely a strong contender.
278. (07 Nov) The Insider (1999, Michael Mann) [B]
279. (10 Nov) *One Hundred and One Dalmatians (1961, Wolfgang Reithemann et al) [B]
Satisfactory if rather bland animated "masterpiece", even when patches look uncharacteristically rough for a Disney animated film.
280. (11 Nov) */Tomorrow Never Dies/ (1997, Roger Spottiswoode) [B]
281. (13 Nov) Dogma (1999, Kevin Smith) [D+]
282. (13 Nov) Anywhere But Here (1999, Wayne Wang) [B-]
283. (14 Nov) *The Rage: Carrie 2 (1999, Katt Shea) [C]
284. (19 Nov) *The Aviator's Wife (1981, Eric Rohmer) [A-]
285. (20 Nov) Sleepy Hollow (1999, Tim Burton) [B]
286. (20 Nov) Vernon, Florida (1981, Errol Morris) [B]
s02. (20 Nov) Stairway to Heaven (1998, Errol Morris) [A-]
288. (20 Nov) A Moment of Innocence (1996, Mohsen Makhmalbaf) [B+]
289. (21 Nov) Felicia's Journey (1999, Atom Egoyan) [C]
290. (21 Nov) All About My Mother (1999, Pedro Almodovar) [B+]
291. (21 Nov) The World Is Not Enough (1999, Michael Apted) [C]
292. (24 Nov) The Out of Towners (1999, Sam Weisman) [C]
293. (25 Nov) The Thirteenth Floor (1999, Josef Rusnak) [B-]
s03. (26 Nov) Luxo, Jr. (1985, John Lasseter) [B]
294. (26 Nov) Toy Story 2 (1999, John Lasseter et al.) [B+]
295. (26 Nov) Taxi Driver (1976, Martin Scorsese) [A]
296. (26 Nov) Obsession (1975, Brian DePalma) [C+]
I'm in the contigent who thinks DePalma is a technically accomplished idiot of a director whose whole career rests on robbing the trappings of autuers with more imagination and intelligence than him. He also has no clue how to tell a story with any degree of coherence. This is one of his better films, even if he's stealing Vertigo with a dash of Rebecca blind.
297. (26 Nov) Mansfield Park (1999, Patricia Rozema) [C]
s03. (27 Nov) +I Dismember Mama (1999, Errol Morris) [B+]
s04. (27 Nov) +The Killer Inside Me (1999, Errol Morris) [A]
s05. (27 Nov) +The Stalker (1994, Errol Morris) [A-]
s06. (27 Nov) +Parrot May Have The Answer To A Killing (1995, Errol Morris) [A-]
298. (28 Nov) Ride with the Devil (1999, Ang Lee) [B]
299. (28 Nov) Liberty Heights (1999, Barry Levinson) [B-]
300. (02 Dec) Man on the Moon (1999, Milos Forman) [C]
301. (04 Dec) The End of the Affair (1999, Neil Jordan) [A]
302. (04 Dec) /Meet Me in St. Louis/ (1944, Vincente Minnelli) [A-]
If there's one thing that's unequivocally improved in Hollywood since the studio heyday, it's child acting; Margaret O'Brien's work is the kind of near-intolerable mugging that only pops up on bad sitcoms nowadays. (Another example: Scarlett O'Hara's child in Gone with the Wind; I don't think Selznick intended for people to cheer when the kid bites it.) Other than that, Louis is a delight: a nifty slife of Americana graced with some wonderful songs.
303. (04 Dec) Holy Smoke (1999, Jane Campion) [D]
304. (06 Dec) *Entrapment (1999, Jon Amiel) [C]
305. (07 Dec) *Before Sunrise (1995, Richard Linklater) [A-]
Gee, you don't suppose Linklater is a big fan of Rohmer?
306. (07 Dec) *Splendor (1999, Gregg Araki) [B]
307. (09 Dec) */The Big Lebowski/ (1998, Joel Coen) [B]
Bryan Theiss and Andrew Johnston are right; it does improve on second viewing. I still think it's too scattershot to rank among the finest of the Coens' films, but once you realize the plot is inconsequential it's a lot of fun.
308. (10 Dec) *Orlando (1993, Sally Potter) [C-]
Superb performance from Tilda Swinton, but boy does it have a real bad case of Greenaway syndrome; pictorially beautiful, emotionally ice cold formalism.
309. (11 Dec) The Bone Collector (1999, Phillip Noyce) [C]
310. (13 Dec) *Deep Blue Sea (1999, Renny Harlin) [C-]
311. (18 Dec) Magnolia (1999, Paul Thomas Anderson) [A-]
312. (18 Dec) Cradle Will Rock (1999, Tim Robbins) [C+]
313. (19 Dec) Topsy-Turvy (1999, Mike Leigh) [C+]
314. (20 Dec) *Always (1989, Steven Spielberg) [C+]
315. (25 Dec) Stuart Little (1999, Rob Minkoff) [B-]
316. (26 Dec) *Lovers of the Arctic Circle (1999, Julio Medem) [B-]
317. (27 Dec) Any Given Sunday (1999, Oliver Stone) [C-]
318. (29 Dec) The Talented Mr. Ripley (1999, Anthony Minghella) [C]