An Ideal Husband - C
Viewed June 19, 1999 at Lincoln Square

An Ideal Snooze is more like it. In his first prominent role since his scene-stealing turn in My Best Friend's Wedding, Rupert Everett decides to play his idle dandy as having a weary disdain for the world. It's a mistake; his Goring is boring, an epigram-spouting mannequin that displays none of the charm of his best-known role. Oliver Parker's direction is equally lifeless, with a ham-handed touch better suited to sitcoms; I half expected a laugh track to sprout up after every one of Wilde's witty and arch one-liners was delivered. The rest of the cast does fine work, especially Cate Blanchett[1] and Minnie Driver, but it's a case of gilding the toadstool.

[1]Who I now suspect is incapable of giving a bad performance.