The Loss of Sexual Innocence - D+
Viewed May 30, 1999 at Angelika

Loss looks nice but it doesn't have a single brain cell in its pretty little head. What Figgis is concerned with here is nothing more than banal "sex=death" moral Puritanism combined with cheap Freudianism and he does it with the most laughably overblown self-importance seen in ages. He's managed to create a bad Greenaway film, and there's no shortage of those already. There's an excess of ridiculous moments to be found here and the "I'm a Serious Artist" hushed reverence present throughout only increases the silliness of the whole enterprise. Exactly how seriously am I supposed to take a scene that has Adam and Eve pissing in a lake? And that's not even the most ridiculous scene in the movie. It may be Art, but it most certainly is Shit.