She's All That - C+
Viewed January 31, 1999 at Lincoln Square

She's All That is the umpteenth take on Pygmalion. Zach (Freddie Prinze, Jr.), the most popular guy in his high school makes a bet with his buddies after his girlfriend dumps him for an airhead member of "The Real World" cast (Matthew Lillard). His modeling clay : outcast loner and art freak Laney (Rachel Leigh Cook). Predictable consequences arise. She's All That has a lot going for it -- the film has one of the more appealing teen comedy casts I've seen in some time (appearing in small roles are Anna Paquin and Kevin Pollak), and an enjoyably silly sense of humor. (Laney works in a Middle Eastern fast food joint whose uniform includes a pita hat.)

What it doesn't have is anything resembling a consistent tone -- the film manages to stuff within its 100 minutes teen angst drama, half-baked satire, absurd camp, and even a painfully bad attempt at gross out humor. By themselves, most of the film's scenes work; they just don't make any sense taken as a whole. And there's something flaky about the film's view of high school life -- does anyone buy the scene where Zach manages to cow a group of bullies by his sheer coolness as having any resemblance to life as we know it? A cotton candy movie -- fun and sweet, but there's very little to actually digest.

P.S. To anyone who thought the film's fictional Harrison High seemed familiar, there's a neat little cameo halfway through.