Six Ways to Sunday - B-
Viewed March 6, 1999 at the Angelika

A real head-scratcher of a film that attempts to combine a portrait of a psychopathic killer with a quirky gangster comedy. As a comedy Six Ways's a failure (I only laughed at the very final shot of the film), but thanks to Norman Reedus' magnificent performance as Harry Odom, it succeeds well as a psychological chiller.

What's great about Reedus' performance is the way he manages to be continually compelling and sympathetic even as it slowly emerges through the course of the film that he is utterly and completely bugfuck insane. (He even has an imaginary friend.) It's the moral ambiguity we have toward Harry that makes the film so creepy -- he still seems like such a nice guy even when he's offing people with little trace of remorse. (In this respect, Iris (Elina Lowensohn), the maid who Harry courts, functions as the audience surrogate -- despite being at the very least sexually assaulted early on, she can't help but like the guy.)

P.S. Based on this film, Youngstown, OH is now the leading front-runner for Ugliest City in America.