The 1999 Top Ten List

01. The Straight Story (David Lynch)
02. Being John Malkovich (Spike Jonze)
03. The End of the Affair (Neil Jordan)
04. Mr. Death: The Rise and Fall of Fred A. Leuchter, Jr.* (Errol Morris)
05. Les Amants du Pont Neuf (Leos Carax)
06. Ratcatcher* (Lynne Ramsay)
07. Magnolia (Paul Thomas Anderson)
08. Three Kings (David O. Russell)
09. The Blair Witch Project (Eduardo Sanchez & Daniel Myrick)
10. Show Me Love (Lukas Moodyson)

Kadosh has been moved off the list as Kino has distribution and it's likely to appear sometime next year at either Film Forum or Cinema Village.

Starred films, are as yet unreleased in the US.