Toy Story 2 - B+
Viewed November 26, 1999 at the 42nd Street E-Walk

Yes, it's effortlessly entertaining; yes, the film contains in what is ostentibly a flick for the kiddies a mature emotional core that puts most Hollywood films to shame; and yes, the throwaway gags and visual puns (some of which are real beauts) are numerous and fiendishly clever. However, I find the spark of spontaneity and freshness that pervaded the original missing. I miss the testorone-fueled rivalry between Buzz and Woody that provided most of the first film's punch, and save for a surreal and disturbing dream sequence, there's nothing that has the Burtonian kick of Sid's reassembled toys. Still, at this stage I don't think John Lasseter and his crew at Pixar could make a bad film if they tried.