Film Journal Issues

05-26-00. (Everything new I've seen in April and May up to the Memorial Day weekend).

03-31-00. (Village of the Damned, All I Wanna Do, Sonatine, The Ninth Gate, The Unbearable Lightness of Being, Pleasantville).

03-24-00. (Jerry Maguire; Orphans; Skin of Man, Heart of Beast; Erin Brockovich; La Puce; The Abyss; Hudson Hawk).

03-17-00. (Chin Up, My Little Business, Perhaps, La Buche, I'm Not Afraid of Life, Alien Resurrection, Election, The Astronaut's Wife).

03-10-00. (What Planet Are You From?, Wonder Boys, The Wind Will Carry Us, Ghost Dog, Drowning Mona, The Idiots, To Die For, Starman, Alien, Bullets Over Broadway)

03-03-00. (The Music Man, Blue Velvet, Claire Dolan, Judy Berlin, Assault on Precinct 13)

02-25-00. (The Whole Nine Yards, Not One Less, Boiler Room, Killer's Kiss, The Lickerish Quartet, The Thing (1982), Quatermass and the Pit)