(A Grape Harvest Dinner/Dance)
Sponsored by
Sokol Baltimore
Saturday, November 1, 2008
Dinner 6:30 pm
Dancing 7:00-11:00 pm


Music provided by the Joy of Maryland Band
American Turner's Hall,  9124 Lennings Lane, Baltimore, Maryland 21237-4307
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   Vinobraní Reenactment
   Live Music by the Joy Band   

   Traditional Czech Dinner   

... What is Vinobraní?

BunchOfGrapes Vinobraní literally translated means Grape Harvest Dance. Bohemia's rich soil and mild climate were well suited for the cultivation of grapes. Local wine industries developed. Near the end of the growing season the farmers would contract with the vintner to sell their grapes. After an agreement was concluded, the grapes became the property of the winemaker (even though the grapes were still on the vine).

Soon it became mischievous sport for the former owners of the grapes to sneak out into the fields and remove portions of the crop from the vine. The new owners of the grapes had to keep watch over their investment. To do this they employed constables to police the vineyards. The townspeople did everything they could to outwit the policemen and escaped with bunches of grapes. Every year this routine was repeated and before long it became a tradition.

VINOBRANÍ is a reenactment of this event. The grapes and apples you will see in the Hall "will become the property of the winemaker." The policemen will begin patrol of the property. Everyone at the dance are encouraged to join in the sport of stealing the fruit. Some will be successful while others will be arrested by one of the policemen and taken to the judge for sentencing. All will enjoy the judge's decision.


Tickets & Reservations:
For information, and to order tickets:
Call Frank Huber 410-877-0534
or email: FrankH1228@aol.com

Tickets: $35.00 per person
Please purchase tickets before Wednesday October 29, 2008
Make checks payable to "Sokol Baltimore" and send them to: Frank Huber, 514 Sellrus Court, Fallston, MD 21047

Take exit (34). Route 7 (Philadelphia Rd.) north off Baltimore Beltway I-695. Turn left onto Hospital Drive.  Turn right onto Lennings Lane. The hall will be on your left.


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