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The Spring Semester begins on January 23, 2016.

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Czech 101 (1st year, continued from Fall)
Czech 201 (Intermediate)
Czech Conversation (2 hours)
Slovak 101 1st year
Slovak 201 2nd year
Slavic Culture (1 hour)

* If you feel that you are between Czech 101 and 201;
please contact Lois Hybl at 410-243-1710 ot send email to Lois Hybl @

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We encourage students to pay membership dues because CSHA subsidizes the Language School. If needed, please fill out the  membership application form and enclose it with a separate check with your language school application.

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(Text books may be purchasted on the first day of classes.)

Tuition $70 per 2-hour course
$35 per 1-hour course
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Lois Hybl
CSHA - Language School
PO Box 20261
Baltimore, MD 21284-0261

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