This is a Dance for six people – three gents and three ladies, who line up in rwo rows, the gents on one side, the ladies on the other, partners facing each other.


A.        Advance and Retire

            Dancers on each side hold hands and advance towards each other twice, with Promenade Step, retiring each time.                                                                        8 bars


B.        Ring

            All dancers také hands to form a ring a and dance sidestep to left, finishing with two short „threes“ (4 bars); sidestep back to places, falling back to line on the two „threes“ (4 bars).                                                                                                             8 bars


C.        Sidestep Through

            All dancers turn left and sidestep right to partners´ places (partners passing face to face), and finish with two short „threes“ (4 bars). All sidestep back to places, finishing as before and turning into original positions (4 bars).                                            8 bars


D.        Figure of Eight

            With Promenade Step ladies dance Figure of Eight on their side, while gents dance around each other in similar manner.                                                                        8 bars

            The Figure of Eight is danced as follows:

                                                (3)        (2)        (1)

                                                 O        O        O

                                                 X        X        X       

The 1st and 2nd ladies  turn right to face 3rd lady who faces left. The 2nd lady commences by dancing around the 3rd lady, passing right arm to right arm. The 3rd lady, who has danced forward, passes around the 1st lady, left arm to left arm; the 1st lady, advancing, passes around the 2nd lady, right arm to right. The dancers continue until each, by these interlacing movements, has completed the Figure of Eight.

            The 2nd and 3rd gents turn right to face the 1st gent, who turns left. The Figure of Eight is commenced by the 2nd gent who dances around the 1st gent, passing right arm to right arm, and so on.

            On the last two bars partners should advance towards each other and join hands (not crossed), to be ready for the next movement.


E.        Double Figure of Eight

            Couples, with hands already joined, dance the Figure of Eight by interlacing as in gents´ Figure of Eight at D.                                                                              8 bars


F.         The Waves

            This movement is similar to that done in the „Waves of Tory.“ The 1st couple face the other two couples, holding inside hands raised, and 2nd couple (also holding hands) pass underneath. The 1st couple in turn bend and pass under the arms of the 3rd couple, now at top. The movement is continued until all return to places.                                    8 bars


G.        Full Chain

            Ring is again formed. Gents turn to move, with Promenade Step, anticlockwise, while ladies turn to meet them and move round clockwise. The 1st gent gives right hand to partner and chains on to meet next lady, taking her left hand in his laft. The chain movement is continued untill all return to original places.                                                   8 bars