PAUL JONES  as danced at an Irish Ceili

The leader of the band usually plays a march for some unspecified amount of time, then switches to some other sort of music (reel, jig, hornpipe, etc.) for 32 bars, then back to the march, then to some other music.

We have the dancers in two rings, with the ladies on the outside moving clockwise and the men on the inside moving counterclockwise. They move in their own circles while the march is playing, then partner with the closest person in the other ring when the music changes and dance with that person (make it up as you go along) and then back to the circles when the band goes back to the march.

(As described by Marilyn K Moore 2012Feb05)
It came as a request from Katie Magurn who also provided details on how to do it.

The folowing links describe some of the variations:
"There must be a million versions."

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