This was originally a four-hand dance, its four movements being repeated as often as desired. It is now usually done as a progressive Long Dance, and is so described below. It is in Double Jig time, and is danced to the tune, “Haste to the Wedding". Each part of the tune must by played twice after the dance commences so that the claps in C and D will fit properly to the music.

          The formation is as in the “Walls of Limerick".

A. Ring       Each set of four dancers hold hands to form a ring. All sidestep to the left finishing with two short “threes", and return to the right, finishing as before.

8 bars
B. Right and Left Wheels       The four now give right hands across centre, shoulder high, with ladies´ hands above gents´, and dance around clockwise, with Promenade Step (4 bars). On fourth bar all release hands and reverse. All now give left hands across and dance back to places (4 bars).

8 bars
C. Down Centre and Turn       Top and bottom couples of each set advance to each others´ places, without taking hands-top couple passing between the other two dancers (2 bars); all retire without turning, but this time bottom couple pass between other two (2 bars). All clap hands together twice to one bar of music, and then hook right arms and turn once in place, (4 bars).

8 bars
D. Up Centre and Swing       Couples again advance, but this time bottom couple pass through (2 bars); on retiring as before, top couple pass between the other two dancers (2 bars). All clap again twice to one bar of music, then hook right arms again, but this time they swing out, and so change places (4 bars). 8 bars

          Couple 1 now faces Couple 4, and Couple 3 faces Couple 6, and so on, and from these new positions the dance is recommenced.

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