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P      Keller's 1651-1728 Playford Index
PK    Keller's 1650-1833 ECD Index
PFC   Playford Figure Codes
INS   Macnash.Telfer Intructions Index
WM  WM William&Mary
BAY   BACDS Fall Ball History
BAY   BACDS Playford Ball Archives
RTHE Cambridge ECD Archive
TG    Thomas Green, Barn Dance List
CH    Hume with ABC code
DRC  List ECD Titles, Authors, INFO
RGO  List of Regency Dances
THES The Sessions Tunes & more

Links to Dance Videos
...   Lambertville Country dance Videos
...   English Country Dance Videos

Dancers Websites:
... Dover English Country Dancers
... Burlington Country Dancer
... Madison Wisconsin Branch RSCDS
... Old Donimion Dance Omaha, NE
... Duke of Wellington's Dancers
... Willian & Mary Heritage Dancers
... Willian & Mary Heritage Dancers

... ABC Notation home page
... The ABC Nottingham Collection

... A Companion to the Ball Room (Wilson, Thomas
... Petrucci Music Library

TM   Irish ITMS Books
... Irish ITMS Books
,,, Contra Glossary ... COntra DAnce INdex
  Books at Folk Arts Center
Barnes Book of ECD Tune, 176 pp
San Diego ECD List w/o Links

List or Dance names - no links to info
Tomas Wilson Download Sites:
 LOC:     Thomas Wilson Terpsichore,1809
 LOC:     Wilson 1811
  MW   Marqueite Wilson Marquerite Wilson
     1899 Dance Manual 6.05 MB

 Wk;  Wiki ECD Dance Terms
 SCD:  John Drewry Dances
List of Dances Dances
SCD Double Triangle
SCD MapTunes
SCD Dance Videos A-K
SCD Dance Videos L-Z

Ceilidh Dance Instructions 
CDSS - Boltom Collection - Original Dances
CDSS - Boltom Collection Retreads
Contra Dance Threads
ECD Boise, Idaho
Videos ECD Voise, Idaho

All Hume's Listed Dance titles
CDS ECD Archive of past dances

V   ECD in Ru
Ru:  Ru Instructions for Dances
UAberdeenSCD Info
SCD Dance Manuals

SCD manuals
ECDandM in RI
CD*NY Lnks

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