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 TG:    Thomas Green, A Barn Dance Repertoire 
 IMSLP  Petrucci Music Library Sharing the World's
           Public Domain Music.
 IWLWill Linden Dance Sheets — Disappeared from Internet
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 IBABACDS Fall Ball History 
        BACDS Playford Ball Archives 
 IELEarthlink dance resumes

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 IMRSanoma County CA 

 ICDACountry Dances with authors 

Tomas Wilson Download Sites:
 Loc:     Thomas Wilson Terpsichore,1809
 Loc:     Wilson 1811
 IMSLP-TWCBRThomas Wilson, 1816 A Companion to the Ball Room
     PDF Download Site #239785 10.25MB 137 (facing) pp.    
 IMSLP-TWCBR A_Companion_to_the_Ball_Room_(Thomas Wilson)
     Executes the PDF Downlod    

  MW   Marqueite Wilson Marquerite Wilson
     1899 Dance Manual 6.05 MB

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     Index of ECD Hay Terms
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2013 New Year Ball - Dance List
2013 New Year Ball - Dance Instructions
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Ceilidh Dance Instructions 
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