Toronto International Film Festival
6-16 September, 2018

[NOTE TO SELF: All screenings at Scotiabank unless otherwise noted.]

Thu 6

Dogman (Matteo Garrone, France/Italy)
[Cannes Comp.] (9am-10:43am)

Non-Fiction (Olivier Assayas, France)
[NYFF; Assayas.] (11:45am-1:31pm)

Everybody Knows (Asghar Farhadi, Spain/France/Italy)
[Cannes Comp; Farhadi.] (3:15pm-5:28pm)

Peterloo (Mike Leigh, UK)
[Leigh.] (6:30pm-9:03pm)

Kursk (Thomas Vinterberg, Belgium/Luxembourg)
[Vinterberg. Kinda doubt I can get into this, but it's my only realistic shot, and it is at least in a giant theater.] (10pm-11:57pm, POW. PUBLIC SCREENING)

Fri 7

Hidden Man (Jiang Wen, China)
[Jiang.] (9am-11:17am)

RAY & LIZ (Richard Billingham, UK)
[NYFF.] (12:15pm-2:03pm)

Capernaum (Nadine Labaki, Lebanon)
[Cannes Comp. Overlaps with the end of RAY & LIZ by three minutes, but I can bail on the closing credits for once.] (2pm-4pm)

Cold War (Pawel Pawlikowski, Poland)
[Cannes Comp; NYFF.] (4:30pm-6pm)

In Fabric (Peter Strickland, UK)
[The director of this decade's second-best film so far.] (7pm-8:58pm)

The Stone Speakers (Igor Drjjaca, Canada)
[Dead slot (though I may blow this off as it'd be film #6 for the day).] (9:45pm-11:17pm)

Sat 8

Sunset (László Nemes, France/Hungary)
[A later P&I screening of Loznitsa's The Trial conflicts with nothing, so this slot is between Nemes, Sallittist fave Pema Tseden, and Sebastián Lelio. For some reason I have chosen the film that's 2.5 hours long. (Primary reason being Son of Saul's formal daring.)] (8:45am-11:09am)

Monrovia, Indiana (Frederick Wiseman, USA)
[NYFF.] (12:30pm-2:53pm, Jackman Hall. PUBLIC SCREENING)

The Truth About Killer Robots (Maxim Pozdorovkin, USA)
[Dead slot. Killer robots.] (4:45pm-6:08pm)

3 Faces (Jafar Panahi, Iran)
[Cannes Comp; NYFF; Panahi. Sole trifecta of TIFF '18.] (6:30pm-8:10pm)

Never Look Away (Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck, Germany)
[On the one hand, this is the only remotely interesting film in this slot. On the other hand, it would be my third very long film of the day. Could switch to The Lie should there be strong buzz.] (9pm-12:08am)

Sun 9

White Boy Rick (Yann Demange, USA)
[For A.V. Club review. Replaces Widows.] (9am-10:50am. OFF-FEST JUNKET SCREENING)

A Faithful Man (Louis Garrel, France)
[NYFF. At least it's short!] (11:15am-12:30pm.)

Retrospekt (Esther Rots, Belgium/Netherlands)
[Generally I avoid CWC like the plague, but Rots' Can Go Through Skin showed a lot of promise. (Holy crap, it's been almost a decade.)] (3pm-4:41pm)

Twin Flower (Laura Luchetti, Italy)
[Dead slot. Likely blowoff.] (5:03pm-7:06pm)

The Wind (Emma Tammi, USA)
[A rare female director in Midnight Madness.] (7pm-8:50pm)

The Grand Bizarre (Jodie Mack, USA)
[The avant-garde folks adore Mack, and I believe this is the first opportunity I've ever had to see one of her films. (If "Dusty Stacks" ever screened near me, I'm not aware of it.)] (10pm-11:25pm)

Mon 10

Girl (Lukas Dhont, Belgium)
[Cannes UCR.] (8:45am-10:31am)

Climax (Gaspar Noé, France)
[Cannes Fortnight; Noé.] (11:15am-12:51pm)

Maya (Mia Hansen-Løve, France)
[See Widows. I'm not yet a fan, but so many smart people are that I feel obligated to check in (provided there's nothing essential in conflict, which there ain't).] (1:30pm-3:17pm)

Woman at War (Benedikt Erlingsson, France/Iceland/Ukraine)
[Cannes Critics' Week.] 6:30pm-8:10pm. PUBLIC SCREENING)

Border (Ali Abbasi, Denmark/Sweden)
[Cannes UCR.] (9:15pm-11:05pm. PUBLIC SCREENING)

El Angel (Luis Ortega, Argentina/Spain)
[Cannes UCR. Only if I make a run from the Border.] (10:30pm-12:24am, Lightbox. PUBLIC SCREENING)

Tue 11

Loro (Paolo Sorrentino, France/Italy)
[Sorrentino.] (8:30am-11pm)

Our Time (Carlos Reygadas, Germany/Denmark/France/Mexico/Sweden)
[Reygadas.] (11:15am-2:08pm)

Shadow (Zhang Yimou, China)
[Zhang. Uncertain I can score a public ticket for this; if not, will sub Cannes sidebar title Birds of Passage.] (3:15pm-5:11pm, Lightbox. PUBLIC SCREENING)

Donbass (Sergei Loznitsa, Germany/France/Netherlands/Romania/Ukraine)
[Cannes UCR; Loznitsa.] (6pm-8:01pm. PUBLIC SCREENING)

Assassination Nation (Sam Levinson, USA)
[For A.V. Club review.] (10:45pm-12:18am. PUBLIC SCREENING)

Wed 12

Her Smell (Alex Ross Perry, USA)
[NYFF. Completism keeps forcing this dude on me.] (8:30am-10:45am)

Meeting Gorbachev (Werner Herzog & André Singer, Germany/UK/USA)
[Herzog.] (11:45am-1:15pm)

American Dharma (Errol Morris, UK/USA)
[Morris.] (2:30pm-4:10pm)

Asako I & II (Ryusuke Hamaguchi, France/Japan)
[Cannes Comp; NYFF.] (6:15pm-8:14pm. PUBLIC SCREENING)

Transit (Christian Petzold, Germany)
[NYFF.] (9:30pm-11:11pm. PUBLIC SCREENING)

Thu 13

ROMA (Alfonso Cuarón, Mexico)
[NYFF.] (9am-11:15am)

High Life (Claire Denis, Germany/France/UK/Poland/USA)
[NYFF; Denis.] (Noon-1:50pm)

Outlaw King (David Mackenzie, UK/USA)
[Mackenzie's last couple of films have been pretty strong. This one looks kinda deadly, though. Buzz will matter.] (3pm-5:17pm)

Helmet Heads (Neto Villalobos, Chile/Costa Rica)
[Dead slot. Described as "deadpan" and "absurd." Could possibly fit Ash Is Purest White in here.] (5:30pm-6:54pm)

The Trial (Sergei Loznitsa, Netherlands)
[Loznitsa.] (9pm-11:07pm)

Fri 14

Hotel by the River (Hong Sang-soo, South Korea)
[NYFF; Honger. Makes me nervous to leave this to chance with a public screening, but the alternative is not seeing the Farhadi at all.] (9:15am-10:51am. PUBLIC SCREENING)

The Death and Life of John F. Donovan (Xavier Dolan, Canada)
[I remain loyal to Dolan based on his first two films, despite not having much liked anything since. My last P&I screening this year.] (Noon-2:07pm)

In My Room (Ulrich Köhler, Germany/Italy)
[Cannes UCR; NYFF.] (2:30pm-4:29pm. PUBLIC SCREENING)

The Load (Ognjen Glavonic, France/Croatia/Iran/Qatar/Serbia)
[Cannes Fortnight.] (5:15pm-6:53pm. PUBLIC SCREENING)

Greta (Neil Jordan, Ireland/USA)
[Jordan. I estimate about a 2% chance of getting a ticket; will likely end up at Yury Bykov's The Factory instead.] (9:45pm-11:23pm. PUBLIC SCREENING)

Sat 15

[All public screenings from the point forward, obviously. Only the high-priority titles are noted here; I can possibly fit in one or two others, but will improvise those based on buzz/reviews.]

An Elephant Sitting Still (Hu Bo, China)
[ND/NF.] (9:30am-1:24pm)

Manto (Nandita Das, India)
[Cannes UCR. Only if I bail on Elephant.] (12:15pm-2:07pm)

Long Day's Journey Into Night (Bi Gan, China/France)
[Cannes UCR; NYFF.] (5:30pm-7:50pm)

Searching for Ingmar Bergman (Margarethe von Trotta, Germany/France)
[Cannes Classics.] (9:30pm-11:09pm)

Sun 16

Graves Without a Name (Rithy Panh, France/Cambodia)
[Panh.] (9:30am-11:25am)

Rafiki (Wanuri Kahiu, Germany/France/Kenya/Lebanon/Netherlands/Norway/USA/South Africa)
[Cannes UCR.] (11:45am-1:07pm)

Burning (Lee Chang-dong, South Korea)
[I've already seen this; it's my favorite film of the year so far. But I'd really like to see it on the big screen with decent subtitles.] (3:15pm-5:43pm)

Diamantino (Gabriel Abrantes & Daniel Schmidt, Brazil/France/Portugal)
[Cannes Critics' Week.] (6pm-7:32pm)

Too Late to Die Young (Dominga Sotomayor, Argentina/Brazil/Chile/Netherlands/Qatar)
[NYFF.] (8:15pm-10:05pm)


First Man (Damien Chazelle) [opens commercially 12 Oct]
Galveston (Mélanie Laurent) [opens commercially 19 Oct]
Halloween (David Gordon Green) [also opens commercially 19 Oct]
Wildlife (Paul Dano) [also opens commercially 19 Oct]
22 July (Paul Greengrass) [why is everything fucking opening commercially on 19 Oct?]
Widows (Steve McQueen) [opens commercially 16 Nov]
If Beale Street Could Talk (Barry Jenkins) [opens commercially 30 Nov]
The Wild Pear Tree (Nuri Bilge Ceylan) [just couldn't make it fit; should be at AFI Fest.]
Dead Souls (Wang Bing) [just too damn long]
La Flor (Mariano Llinás) [so insanely long that it's being shown on three separate days, meaning I'd have to log other films in between, which no. Will wait for video.]