The Rock (Michael Bay)

Rating: *1/2 (out of ****)

--ssible that any of this year's summer blockbusters could be any worse than Twister, but The Rock gives it the old colleg--. --f the most excruciating action films I've seen in severa--. --dious pyrotechnics, hamhanded 'macho' dialogue, and a stale plot involv--. --pson/Bruckheimer film, it's true, but I was fooled by the relative competence of their last project, the surprisingly watchable Crim--. --olas Cage, whose unpredictable line readings and goofy demeanor are the only sign of life in this otherw--. --rection by Michael Bay, who is apparently so terrified of boring his target audience that he feels the need t--. --enetic editing makes it utterly impossible to determine what is happening, or who is where, or even wheth--. --ngle shot in the entire movie that lasts any longer than about six sec--. --nd this review irritating to read, well, that's a rough approximation of how I felt throughout this terrib--.