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Conrail Ends Short Haul Intermodal to/from New Jersey

On 30 September 1994 I heard that Conrail is discontinuing its short haul services of Containers and Trailers on Flat Cars to and from Northern New Jersey. A particular example of a service to be cut is NJ--Pittsburgh. The change is being done because Conrail's terminal capacity in NJ is maxed out and is opting to use that capacity for the more profitable longer hauls.

This move will increase truck traffic, arg. I see the solution to be opening new yards elsewhere in the NYC region. For instance, Long Island and NYC.

I know some of you out there work for Conrail or know those who do. Do you know if Conrail has Origin/Destination studies for the TRUCKS that pickup and deliver containers/trailers at Northern NJ yards? If you know of such data and/or someone who has it, let me know how to get it.

This data will help regional planners determine how to both expand railfreight capacity and get the stuff as close as possible to their destination by rail.

This was written by Daniel Convissor as a posting to rec.railroad on 30 September 1994


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