My Analysis of Sleepy Hollow's 2016-2017 Mayor's Budget

Date: Tue, 19 Apr 2016 20:42:16 -0400
From: Daniel Convissor <>
To: Glenn Rosenbloom <>, Denise Scaglione <>, John Leavy <>, Ken Wray <>, Rachelle Gebler <>, Sam Gonzalez <>, Sandra Spiro <>, Lynn Moffat <>
Cc: Anthony Giaccio <>, Sara DiGiacomo <>
Subject: budget analysis

Dear Trustees:

Finally wrapped up my take on the coming year's Mayor's Budget:

This is the spreadsheet I composed to do the analysis. You'll be able to tweak numbers to your heart's content. If that's what you're in to. :)

One thing not explicitly stated my analysis... I highlighted the Sanitation Fund numbers in pink to indicate that our sanitation costs increasingly exceed our sanitation fees (by $210,767 in the projected budget).

We should seriously consider a usage based pricing model, just like we do for water. 445 (42%) municipalities in New York do this, as do over 7,100 municipalities (26%) throughout the US. In the industry, it's called "Pay As You Throw." Studies find it's the best way to increase recycling (which the County let's us dump for FREE) and reduce the amount of stuff people put in the trash (which we have to pay the County for.) I've done a some research on it. If you're interested, please reach out to me.



More Sleepy Hollow information is available on the web, @DanielConvissor and #SleepyHollowNY