East Parcel "Project Phasing" Document Not on Website

Date: Thu, 3 Aug 2017 11:45:10 -0400
From: Daniel Convissor <danielc@panix.com>
To: Denise Scaglione <dscaglione@sleepyhollowny.org>, Glenn Rosenbloom <grosenbloom@sleepyhollowny.org>, John Leavy <jleavy@sleepyhollowny.org>, Ken Wray <kgwray@gmail.com>, Rachelle Gebler <rgebler@sleepyhollowny.org>, Sam Gonzalez <sgonzalez@sleepyhollowny.org>, Sandra Spiro <sspiro@sleepyhollowny.org>
Cc: Anthony Giaccio <agiaccio@sleepyhollowny.org>, Paula McCarthy <pmccarthy@villageofsleepyhollow.org>
Subject: Re: east parcel permit / phasing

Dear Trustees:

I just noticed that the East Parcel "Project Phasing" PDF isn't posted on the Village website. Can it please be added so all Village residents can have easy access to it, please?



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