Making It Easy to Walk and Bike to the Train from Edge on Hudson

Date: Tue, 31 May 2016 21:48:39 -0400
From: Daniel Convissor <>
To: Ken Wray <>
Subject: EOH train access

Hi Ken:

Nice seeing you Saturday night. I'm following up on the conversation we started about getting Edge on Hudson residents to walk and bike to the train stations.

Attached is a map of a concept for a bike route through the Hudson Harbor property I mentioned. I need to go down there to survey conditions. Of course, it's theoretical at this point.

David Aukland, the very active (and smart) Tarrytown Planning Board member I mentioned to you, has expressed interest in having significant bike parking at the station.

River St as well as on Road Four in Edge on Hudson aren't wide enough to have dedicated bike lanes. A 15 MPH speed limit on these streets would go a long way to make riding a bike a safe, welcoming experience. I know there's State legislation about speed limits, some research is needed on that.

That takes care of cycling to the Tarrytown station.

A few measures would do wonders for travel to the Philipse Manor station.

Attached is a diagram the Philipse Manor station area. On I drew a line on the east lawn where it's possible to have about 100 bike parking spaces.

Along with this, there needs to be a walking/cycling connection between the north end of Road Four in Edge on Hudson and Kingsland Point Park.

The final attachment shows the location for a basic two-way bike/ped path behind the Bath House. This will help people walking and cycling home from the Philipse Manor station rather than them negotiating going against the (all be it generally light) one-way car traffic heading north behind the Bath House. It'd be even cooler to have a longer trail with a new, separate bridge over the Pocantico River. Whether the trails could fit on park property or if there's a need for some slivers of Metro-North's is TBD.

Combining all of these elements would give folks a pleasant walk or ride to both of the local train stations. This would significantly improve the Village's livability, vitality and attractiveness.

Let me know if you have any questions. Curious to hear your thoughts on these ideas.



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