Lower Hudson Transit Link: Bus-Train Connections in White Plains

Date: Wed, 26 Oct 2016 12:42:17 -0400
From: Daniel Convissor <danielc@panix.com>
To: lhtl@dot.ny.gov
Cc: Kevin Novak <kevin.novak@dot.ny.gov>, transitdistrict@whiteplainsny.gov, David Aukland <daukland@tarrytowngov.com>, Claire Davis <clairedavisnj@yahoo.com>, Matt Coyne <mcoyne@lohud.com>
Subject: bus/train connections in white plains

Dear LHTL Team:

I enjoyed the Lower Hudson Transit Link open house in Tarrytown last week.

The team showed the bus/train link in White Plains being on-street bus stops.[1] The eastbound buses from Rockland County will stop on Main St a half block east of the Metro North tracks. The westbound buses to Rockland County are set to stop on Hamilton Ave just east of the tracks.

Looking at Google's street view of the area... Main St has stairs to the center train platform. While Hamilton Ave has a staircase to the center platform, it's on the wrong side of the street for bus passengers.

Will stairs be installed between the train station's side platform and the Hamilton Ave bus stop?

Are you planning to build stairs from the center platform to the north side of Hamilton Ave? This will improve general passenger flow and provide redundancy. It also invite people to make train trips to the north.

Will awnings be installed between the stops and the stairs?

These improvements will aid existing passengers and encourage more people to travel by transit.



[1] Page 5 of the display boards PDF: https://www.dot.ny.gov/lhtl/repository/LHTL_Open%20House%202_ALL%20Boards_FINAL%2020161016.pdf

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