Images of Proposed Changes for Pocantico Street's Mid-Block Crosswalk @ Morse School

February 27, 2016

These are images of the mid-block crosswalk on Pocantico St between the Van Tassel Apartments (in the background) and Morse School in Sleepy Hollow, NY.

Existing Conditions

The loading straddles the crosswalk, leading to people parking cars in the crosswalk. There's a handicapped parking spot to the left of the loading zone.

Proposed Improvements

Swap the right hand side of the loading zone with the handicapped parking spot. This way the loading zone is on one side of the crosswalk and the handicapped parking spot is on the other. Install a bollard to the left and right of the crosswalk to prevent people driving or parking in it.

Not only does it leave the crosswalk clear, it's actually more convenient. It puts the handicapped spot is closer to the curb cut. Similarly, trucks parked in the loading zone would have their tailgate door at the curb cut.

More Sleepy Hollow information is available on the web, @DanielConvissor and #SleepyHollowNY