Email to Board of Education about Safe Streets for Morse School

Date: Fri, 5 Feb 2016 14:43:15 -0500
From: Daniel Convissor <>
To: TUFSD BoE <>
Subject: morse school traffic safety

Dear Board of Education:

The elevator construction and Morse School is having a positive impact on traffic safety. I hope the current system of parents parking off-campus continues once the construction is done.

Having parents driving into the parking lot opens up unnecessary safety risks. Most notably for people walking on the Pocantico St sidewalk.

Another advantage is it's faster. The backup in the parking lot spilled onto the street, creating congestion on Pocantico St and even Beekman Ave. This impacts everyone. And most importantly to you, it hindered bus scheduling.

Several parents of Morse School children and residents of the Van Tassell Apartments have come together to propose traffic safety improvements for Morse School's arrival and dismissal times.

Please take a moment to review it. I hope you will contact Sleepy Hollow's Mayor to express your support.

Thanks for your attention,


Father of a Morse 1st grader
Sleepy Hollow resident

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