New NY Bridge Needs 24/7 Access: Request for Tarrytown Support

Date: Sun, 6 Nov 2016 18:05:23 -0500
From: Daniel Convissor <>
To: David Aukland <>
Cc: Joseph Nevins <>, Lakis Polycarpou <>, Rachel Tieger <>
Subject: bridge path hours

Hi David:

I'm looking forward to the opening of the "Shared Use Path" on the New NY Bridge. I imagine y'all are too. Some preemptive action is needed to ensure the path is open 24/7.

The bridge and path are transportation resources. People need to be able to bike and walk to/from jobs, family, friends whenever they want. Also, the last train at the Tarrytown station is 2:43 am and the first is at 4:56 am, so people need to be able to ride and walk to/from the station at all hours of the day and night.

I'd wager the folks planning/operating the bridge probably suffer from "windshield perspective." Maybe there are a few recreational cyclists in the group. Considering that and the practices of other bridge operators in the region (which close their paths overnight) (though NYC & MTA bridges are open 24/7), we need to get out ahead of the situation and shape the Thruway's decision making.

Can you please ask Drew to write a letter to the New NY Bridge folks asking the path be open 24/7?



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