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Welcome to the plainest site on the web, but, hey, it loads quickly. In it, you will find my fan fiction for such series as Star Trek: Voyager and X-Files, and a couple of essays on being Jewish and fannish at the same time.

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 I get lots of questions about My Signature:

One sharp peppercorn is better than a basketful of melons.
   -- Tractate Megillah 7A
Debra Fran Baker                         

First, the .sig itself means "One good, cogent argument is better than many soft, flabby ones."

Second, the source cited is the Talmud, which is the codification of Jewish law plus rabbinic commentaries. A tractate is a volume of Talmud. Tractate Megillah is the volume of the Talmud that deals with the holiday of Purim and the reading of the Book of Esther, which is called the Megillah. Megillah means "scroll". We read the whole thing from a scroll on Purim - thus "the whole megillah".

"7A" is the page number - the first side of the sixth page of the book. We start numbering religious books on page two because only God can really start something.

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