The Bellcore Applied Research Area Alumni Home Page

From Bellcore to Telcordia: In November, 1997, Bellcore was acquired by Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) from its original owners, the Baby Bells that were in existence at that time. A couple of years later, the name Telcordia was born, and so was the slogan Formerly Bellcore ... Performance from Experience .
Telcordia under new management: In March, 2005, Telcordia was acquired from SAIC by the private equity firms Providence Equity Partners and Warburg Pincus and became Telcordia Technologies, Inc.
Applied Communication Sciences: On January 12, 2012, Telcordia was acquired by Ericsson, and Telcordia ATS (Advanced Technology Solutions) became Applied Communication Sciences.
The SI Organization: On May 15, 2013, the SI Organization, Inc. (the SI) today announced it has acquired Applied Communication Sciences. (Wow, that was fast.)
Vencore Labs: At some point in 2015, the name was changed again. It's hard to keep up, right?


This list is an attempt, in these peripatetic days, to keep track of everybody who was ever a member of Bellcore's Applied Research Area and isn't there today. It includes many post-docs, contractors and visitors along with the full-time employees. It starts from the dawn of living memory (1984), and continues to reflect the most recent changes. Now we're adding people who never worked under the Bellcore name, but who came and went as employees of Applied Research at Telcordia.

If you don't find the names of some of your Bellcore or Telcordia colleagues here, it's always possible that they're still there. The Applied Research Area still numbers a couple of hundred people, both oldtimers and newcomers. If you know the whereabouts of somebody who should be listed here, or you can correct outdated listings, please tell Debby Swayne, dfswayne (at)

Note: If there is a date after the name, it indicates when I last heard from or about someone.

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Joe Abeles 2 July, 2004
Sarnoff Corporations
jabeles at
Steve Abney 17 April, 2003
Linguistics Department, University of Michigan
abney at
Dave Ackley 29 November, 2005
Computer Science Department, University of New Mexico
ackley at
Prathima Agrawal 5 August, 2004
Wireless Engineering Research and Education Center, Auburn University
pagrawal at
Sudhir Agrawal
Research, Lucent Bell Labs
sudhir at
Al Aho 29 November, 2005
Computer Science Department, Columbia University
aho at
Bill Aiello 29 November, 2005
Computer Science, University of British Columbia
aiello at
Andres Albanese
Realtime Information
aalbanese at
Dave Allara 3 March, 2005
Chemistry Department, Pennsylvania State University
dla3 at
Bob Allen 8 April, 2005
College of Information Science and Technology, Drexel University
rba at or allen at
Jim Allen 24 February, 2006
Physics Department, University of California at Santa Barbara
allen at
Josh Alspector 1 August, 2008
DARPA IPTO (Information Processing Techniques Office)
Jalspector at
Mary Jo Altom 5 March, 2012
mjaltom at
Bob Amsler
amsler at
Farooq Anjum 28 March, 2008
fanjum11 at
Rashid Ansari 2 August, 2005
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, University of Illinois, Chicago
ransari at
Neo Antoniades 27 October, 2004
Department of Engineering Science and Physics, The City University of New York
antoniades at
Mauricio Arango
Sun Microsystems Labs
Mauricio.Arango at
Grenville Armitage 8 March, 2002
Department of Telecommunications Engineering and Center for Advanced Internet Architectures, Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne, Australia
garmitage at
Pete Arnold
RSoft Design Group, Inc.
pete_arnold at
Dave Aspnes
Physics Department, North Carolina State University
david_aspnes at
Evan Astrin 6 January, 2005
Citigroup Private Bank
evan.m.astrin at
Derek Atkins
warlord at
Steven M. Baer 23 November, 2015
sbaer at
Mehran Bagheri 23 April, 2015
Greg Baker
Department of Chemistry, Michigan State University
bakerg at
Krishna Bala
Tellium (Obsolete; Tellium bought by Zhone)
kbala at
Daniel Barbara
Department of Information and Software Systems Engineering, School of Information Technology and Engineering, George Mason University
dbarbara at
Bill Barr
William Barr Consulting
bill at
Peter Bates 12 July, 2002
AOL Time Warner
Laura Beck 18 June, 2003
lgbeck at
Mark Beckner
ObjectWave Corporation
mbeckner at
Ben Bederson
Computer Science Department, University of Maryland
bederson at
Cliff Behrens 23 April, 2014
Jules A. Bellisio
jules at
Philip Benjamin
PBenjamin at
Richard Bernhardt 13 November, 2012
Retired (from Harris Corporation)
rbernhardt at
Joe Berthold
berthold at
Sandeep Bhatt 11 August, 2005
HP Labs
sandeep dot bhatt at hp dot com
Mike Bianchi 23 April, 2014
Foveal Systems
mbianchi at
Daniel Bienstock
Industrial Engineering and Operations Research, Columbia University
dano at
Ernst W. Biersack
Institut EURECOM, Sophia Antipolis, France
erbi at
Bryan Bingham 25 April, 2005
Altiris, Inc.
b__2 at
Gary J. Blanchard
Department of Chemistry, Michigan State University
blanchard at
Matt Blaze 14 June, 2008
Computer and Information Science, University of Pennsylvania
blaze at
Sheila Borack 5 February, 2002
sborack at
Nathaniel Borenstein 11 September, 2006
IBM Corporation
nsb at
Murrae Bowden 31 March, 2007
School of Technology Management, Stevens Institute of Technology
mbowden at
Dave Boyer 28 October, 2003
Avaya Inc.
dgboyer at
Chuck Brackett 2 March, 2007
cabrackett at
Dave Braun 27 December, 2007
braunster at
Ernie Brickell 12 June, 2002
ernie.brickell at
Tom Brinck
University of Michigan
tom at
Laurence Brothers 28 June, 2009
ITA Software
lbrothers at
Earl Brown
Deceased, August 2000
Contact: Earl Brown, Jr., champpkg at
Tim Brown
University of Colorado, Boulder
timxb at
Alex Buckley
arb at
Andreas Buja 12 June, 2002
The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania
buja at
Dave Burr 11 February, 2004
analogy at
Dennis Bushmitch (formerly Chepusov) 27 December, 2007
dbushmitch at
Howard Bussey 1 June, 2015
Pixel Resources LLC (dba Tixlers Letters)
howard at
Kevin Butler 3 May, 2011
University of Oregon
butler at
Jane Cameron 7 November, 2004
CattLeLogos Brand Management Systems
jcameron at
Mike Caplinger   [Bellcore ARA Network Systems & Services 1985-1988]
Malin Space Science Systems (
mc at
Richard Cardwell 25 April, 2006
richardcardwell at
Tami Carpenter 27 September, 2006
tcar at
Yves Caseau 28 July, 2007
Bouygues Telecom (France)
yves at
Mark J Castrovinci
mjc at
Bhaskar Chakravorti
Monitor Company
Bhaskar_Chakravorti at
Siu-Wai Chan
Materials Science and Metallurgy,Columbia University
sc174 at
Winston Chan
University of Iowa
winston-chan at
C. C. Chang
Elf Atochem
G-K Chang 27 October, 2004
School of Electrical and Computer Engineering,
  Georgia Institute of Technology
gkchang at
Li Fung Chang
Mobilink Telecom Inc.
lifung at
Constance Chang-Hasnain 21 March, 2011
Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences, UC Berkeley
cch at
Jonathan Chao
Department of Electrial Engineering, Polytechnic University
chao at
Cheng-Tie Chen
Stream Machine Company
ctc at
Jyh-Cheng Chen 20 June, 2005
Department of Computer Science, National Tsing Hua University
jcchen at
Ting-Chung Chen
Stream Machine Company
tchen at
Yupin Chen
yupin_97 at
Matthew Cheng
Mobilink Telecom Inc.
mcheng at
Kwok Cheung
Chinese University of Hong Kong
kwcheung at
Justin C-I Chuang
Mobilink Telecom Inc.
justin at
Fan Chung (Graham)
University of California -- San Diego
fan at
Alan Chynoweth 12 November, 2002
Fusfeld Group, Inc.
Geoff Clemm
geoffrey.clemm at
Peter Coates 9 December, 2011
Thomson Reuters
coatespt at
David Cohen
Institute for Defense Analysis
dmcohen at
Ernie Cohen 12 June, 2002
Microsoft Labs
ecohen at
Michael Cohen 14 January, 2007
Software Department, University of Aizu, Japan
mcohen at
Dave Cohrs 12 February, 2002
Invio Software, Inc.
d.cohrs at
Etienne Colas
McKinsey & Company
Etienne_Colas at
Bill Cook 2 June, 2003
Industrial and Systems Engineering, Georgia Tech
bico at
Chase Cotton 21 October, 2010
Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Delaware
ccotton at
Donald C. Cox   [Bellcore ARA 1 January, 1984 - September, 1994] 17 October, 2012
Retired from Stanford; part-time visiting professor at University of Nebraska
dcox at
Harold Craighead
Cornell University
hgc1 at
Pedro Crespo Bofill 10 October, 2005
Communication Systems and
 Mathematical Principles of Information Group, CEIT
pcrespo at
Gil Cruz
Cable Products and Solutions, Cisco Systems
gcruz at
Lyn Curtis
Tellium (Obsolete; Tellium bought by Zhone)
lcurtis at
Sid Dalal April, 2014
siddalal at
Dan Daly 13 June, 2010
dan at
Duco Das
Philips Digital Networks - MP4Net
duco.das at
Neil Daswani
Department of Computer Science, Stanford University
daswani at
Bruce Davie
Cisco Systems
bdavie at
Chuck Davin
davin at
Robert W. Davis 3 May, 2009
robertwdavis at
Nathaniel Dean 2 June, 2003
Mathematics, Texas Southern University
dean_nx at
Scott Deerwester 15 October, 2002
P3 International
scott at
Peter Delfyett
University of Central Florida
delfyett at
Richard DeMillo
College of Computing, Georgia Institute of Technology
richard.demillo at
Bob Deri
Lawrence Livermore National Lab
deri1 at
David Deutsch
dnd21 at
Daniel M. Devasirvatham 28 April, 2014
Wireless National User Facility, Idaho National Laboratory (INL), Idaho Falls
deva at
Taso Devetzis 6 December, 2005
devetzis at
Susan Devlin
The Artemis Group (consulting)
sdevlin at
Glen Diener
Emperative, Inc.
grd at
David Dobkin
Department of Computer Science, Princeton University
dpd at
Bob Doverspike
Networking Research, AT&T Labs
rdd at
Adam Drobot 6 September, 2010
2M Companies
drobot at
adam.drobot at
Sue Dumais
Microsoft Research
sdumais at
Dannie Durand
Department of Biological Sciences, Carnegie Mellon University
durand at
Ashutosh Dutta 12 February, 2014
ashutosh.dutta at
Chris Dyer 1 September, 2004
Editor of Journal of Power Sources and Fuel Cell Virtual Journal (Elsevier publications), and Compact Power Inc.
jpsenergy at
Frank Effenberger 17 October, 2013
Futurewei Technologies
frank at
Dennis Egan 23 April, 2014
Carmen Egido
Applications, Services, and Research Lab; Intel
cegido at
Don Eilenberger 9 October, 2002
Bid-Service LLC
deilenberger at
Moncef Elaoud 28 March, 2008
elaoud at
Aly Elrefaie 27 October, 2004
American University of Sharjah
aelrefaie at
Paul England
Microsoft Research
pengland at
Sam Epstein
same at
Ashok Erramilli 1 August, 2008
ashok.erramilli at
Hiroshi Esaki 4 October, 2004
Graduate School of Information Science and Technology, The University of Tokyo
hiroshi at
Rob Farrell 8 June, 2004
IBM Research
robfarr at
Stu Feldman
sif at ??
David C. Feldmeier
Director of Product Architecture, MUSIC Semiconductors, Inc.
dcf at
Tim Feustel 5 December, 2005
tfeustel at
Rob Fish 28 December, 2007
Mformation Technologies at
Laurie Hodges Foley (formerly Reuter)
Deceased, March 3 2016; Presentation about her illness
Peter Foltz 2 December, 2005
Pearson Knowledge Technologies
pfoltz at
Jerry Fowler
gfowler at
Paul Francis (Tsuchiya) 7 August, 2012
Max Planck Institute for Software Systems (Germany)
francis at
Kevin E. Fu 19 September, 2014
EECS Department, University of Michigan
kevinfu at
George Furnas
School of Information, University of Michigan
furnas at
Hugo Gaggioni
Technology Group, Sony
Hugo_Gaggioni at
Sherif Gamal 1 March, 2003
sherif at
John Gamelin 6 January, 2004
Currently entertaining job offers
Mark Garrett 7 August, 2012
On-line Services Division, Microsoft
mgarrett at
Farid Gasmi 5 April, 2005
Institut D'Economie Industrielle (IDEI) et Groupe de Recherche en Economie Mathématique et Quantitative (GREMAQ), University de Toulouse I
gasmi at
Alex Gelman 27 December, 2007
adg at
Dipak Ghosal
Department of Computer Science
University of California, Davis
ghosal at
Chris Gibbons
Tellium (Obsolete; Tellium bought by Zhone)
gibbons at
Peter B. Glenn 20 March, 2010
pbglenn777 at
Ram Gnanadesikan
Department of Statistics, Rutgers University
rg at
John Golub 16 October, 2003
jgolub at
Jamal Golestani
Wireless Network Research Department, Lucent Bell Laboratories
jamal at
Louis Gomez
Northwestern University
l-gomez at
Jiong Gong 22 July, 2004
Cable Television Laboratories, Inc.
j.gong at
Alvaro González 8 November, 2005
World Bank/International Finance Corporation
agonzalez4 at
Matt Goodman 28 March, 2008
m.s.goodman at
Ajei Gopal
ajei at
Gita Gopal
Hewlett-Packard Laboratories
gita at
Praveen Gopalakrishnan 28 March, 2008
Intel at
B. Gopinath
Aplion Networks
Subrata Goswami 27 May, 2002
sgoswami at
Al Gottlieb 26 August, 2010
Union County College
amgottlieb at
Paul Grabbe 18 November, 2004
UTStarcom, Inc.
pgrabbe at
Patricia Grambsch
Division of Biostatistics, University of Minnesota
pat at
Lawrence Green 15 September, 2012
llgreen at
Laura Greene
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
lhg at
Sharon Greene 21 April, 2004
User Centered Tools, IBM Research
slg at
Bruce Greenwald
School of Business, Columbia University
Nancy Griffeth 17 March, 2007
Lehman College of the City University of New York
nancy at
Charles Guenzer (provided legal services to 211)
Law Offices
csg at
Veena Gupta
veena_gupta at
Stuart Haber
stuart at
Sarry Habiby 25 April, 2003
Back at Telcordia
shabiby at
Dan Hajela 2 July, 2008
Sarco Holdings
dan at
Shlomo Halfin
Deceased, October 2009
Neil Haller 2 July, 2002
Deceased, July 2011
Michael Hamada
Los Alamos
hamada at
Rich Hammond
richard.hammond at
Steve Hanson
Department of Psychology, Rutgers University, Newark campus
jose at
Pat Hawley 22 September, 2008
Philosophy Department, The University of Hong Kong
patrick at
Manfred Helm
Research Center Rossendorf; Dresden, Germany
m.helm at
Jonathan P. Heritage
University of California Davis
heritage at
Gary Herman 9 November, 2005
Hewlett-Packard Laboratories
herman at
Dan Heyman February, 2005
danheyman at
Andrew Heybey 6 September, 2010
Niksun, Inc.
ath at
ath at
Ralph Hill
rdh at
Will Hill
willhill at
Ricky Keang-Po Ho 3 August, 2003
National Taiwan University
kpho at
Tim Hoerning 28 March, 2008
LGS Innovations
tim at
Jim Hollan
Cognitive Science Department,University of California, San Diego
hollan at
Mike Honig
Electrical and Computer Engineering, Northwestern University
mh at
Ferenc (Frank) Horvath
Sun Microsystems
Ferenc.Horvath at
Nat Howard
Stay-at-home Dad
bca-trace at
Christian Huitema
huitema at
Thomas Hundt 30 May, 2002
thundt at
David Hwang
ra2169 at
Arun Inam 23 March, 2005
Signal Lake Venture Fund LP
arun at
Mercer Management Consulting
arun.inam at
John Ioannidis
Center for Computational Learning Systems, Columbia University
ji at
Francesco Ippolito
Agora' Telematica - Italian BBS and internet provider
fr.ippolito at
Ravi Jain 24 October, 2005
ravi.jain at
Anthony Jayakumar
ajayakumar at
Fure-Ching Jeng
Stream Machine Company
jeng at
Judith Jerkins 30 June, 2011
judith.jerkins at
Caesar Johnston
NEC, Princeton
cesar at
Vito P. Jokubaitis
vjokuba1786 at
Charles Judice 2 May, 2006
Retired; occasional teaching and consulting
c.judice at
Tom Judd 14 Jan, 2008
tom at
Dan Kahn 2 May, 2005
E-Speech Corporation
Dan1 at
Jim Kaiser
jfk at or jfk at
Peter Kaiser 27 October, 2004
PKaiser001 at
Candy Kamm 6 November, 2005
Deceased, November 2005
Yana Kane-Esrig
ykane at
George Karabatis
georgek2k at
Saydeh Karabatis
saydehkarabatis at
Phil Karn
karn at
Kathy Kash
Case Western Reserve University
kxk43 at
Vipul Kashyap 26 November, 2005
Clinical Informatics R&D, Partners Healthcare System
vkashyap1 at
Jim Katz
School of Communication, Information and Library Studies, Rutgers University
jimkatz at
Jonathan Katz 7 November, 2003
Department of Computer Science, University of Maryland
jkatz at
Masahisa Kawashima 7 May, 2002
NTT Labs
masahisa at
Diane Marie Kent 3 October, 2003
[Diane was an HR manager for AR in 1985.]
dianekent at
Elaine Keramidas
Fairleigh Dickinson University
elaine at
Lucent Bell Laboratories
elaine at
Martin Kerner 5 February, 2003
New York City Department of Education, Division of Instructional and Information Technology
mkerner at
Dan Ketchum
ketchum at
Jon Kettenring 21 March, 2011
Director of RISE, Drew University
jkettenr at
Nidal Khrais 27 October, 2004
[Working at Lucent on wireless]
khrais at
Hyogon Kim 17 March, 2005
Korea University
hyogon at
Gabor Kiss 24 October, 2013
gabor at
Harry Klancer 10 June, 2002
klancer2 at
Roger Klein
Department of Economics, Rutgers University
rogklein at
Sue Koch
SueKoch at
Madhur Kohli
Lucent Bell Laboratories
madhur at
Dennis Kong
Intec Systems, Inc.
tykong at
Martin Koschat 15 February, 2008
Marketing, IMD
martin.koschat at
Bob Kraut
Social and Decision Sciences Department, Carnegie-Mellon University
Robert_E_Kraut at CMU.EDU
Narayanan Krishnakumar (KK) 29 October, 2004
Investors Bank and Trust
kk at
Padma Krishnaswamy 30 November, 2008
Juniper Networks
Ravi Kuchibhotla
ARK005 at
Karen Kukich
kkukich at
Varugis Kurien 1 June, 2016
Midfin Systems
tvkurien2002 at
Alfred Kwan 2 June, 2004
L-3 Communications
alfred.kwan at
T. V. Lakshman
High Speed Networks Research Dept., Lucent Bell Laboratories
lakshman at
Gail Lalk
RSoft Design Group, Inc.
gail_lalk at
John Lamb 22 November, 2002
johnlamb at
Tom Landauer April, 2014
Pearson Knowledge Technologies
Deceased, 2014
Peter Langston
psl at
psl at
Henry Lee
University of California at Irvine
hplee at
Jack Chao-sheng Lee August, 2007
Institute of Statistics, National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan
Deceased, 2007
K. C. Lee 19 October, 2003
Panasonic System Solutions of Panasonic Technologies Company
kclee at
Rich Lee 17 January, 2008
BEA Systems
rtl at
Sanghoon Lee 27 December, 2007
Korea Telecom
sanghlee at
T P Lee
National Science Foundation
tplee at
Tony Tong Lee
Information Engineering, University of Hong Kong
ttlee at
Bob Leheny
rleheny at
Mary Leland 20 August, 2003
mdpl at
Will Leland 1 February, 2009
will.e.leland at
wel at
Howard L. Lemberg 1 December, 2010
hllemberg at
Arjen Lenstra
arjen.lenstra at
Michael Lesk 11 June, 2004
School Of Communication, Information and Library Studies, Rutgers University
lesk at
Paul Liao 8 September, 2010
CableLabs, Inc.
Dan Liebster 26 March, 2014
d_liebster at
Soung C. Liew 10 October, 2005
Department of Information Engineering, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
soung at
Barbara Lilley 28 March, 2008
Retired [March 2006]
John Limb
The School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology
john.limb at
Huai-an (Paul) Lin
Back at Telcordia
hlin1 at
Jason Yi-Bing Lin
Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering, National Chiao Tung University, Hsinchu, Taiwan
liny at or jasonLin at
Lloyd Linnell 26 May, 2004
Aspect Communications Corporation
Yow-Jian Lin
Back at Telcordia
linyo at
Ed Lipper
Performance Analysis Department, Lucent Bell Laboratories
elipper at
Richard Lipton
College of Computing, Georgia Institute of Technology
richard.lipton at
Ami Litman
litman at
Michael Littman 27 April, 2012
Computer Science Department, Brown University
mlittman at
Yu-hwa Lo
Cornell University
yhlo at
Carol Lochbaum
Retired (September 2001)
ccl at
Jack Lochbaum
Retired (September 2001)
jjl at
Karen Lochbaum 2 December, 2005
Pearson Knowledge Technologies
kel at
Saul London 18 July, 2009
Michael Ocean (formerly Michael Long) 24 February, 2006
Computer Science Department, Boston University
mocean at
Alexander Loui
Imaging Research Labs, Eastman Kodak Company
alexander.loui at
Carlyn Lowery 29 October, 2006
Keller Williams Select Realtors
carlyn at
Robert Lucky 8 September, 2010
Various activities listed on his web site
rwlucky1 at
Michael E. Lukacs 11 August, 2004
ITS - NovaSol
Mike at or mike at
Michael Lyu
Computer Science & Engineering Department, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
lyu at
Marian Macchi
E-Speech Corporation
mjm at
Upamanyu Madhow
Coordinated Science Laboratory, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
madhow at
Richard Madsen 13 May, 2004
AT&T Wireless
richard.madsen at
Derek D. Mahoney
Sarnoff Corporation
dmahoney at
Ranjan Maitra 7 April, 2005
Department of Statistics, Iowa State University
maitra at
Victor Mak 23 September, 2008
Victor_Mak at
vicmak at
Bill Mansfield 8 September, 2010
Retired, consulting
whm1 at
Bill Marcus 30 March, 2003
Bank of America
bill.marcus at or wsm at
Howard Marcus
IBM, Haifa; Haifa Research Labs
marcus at
Dave Marples 28 March, 2008
Techsolution B.V. (Holland)
dave at
Rick Martija
martija at
Ravi Masand
Mahi Networks
rmasand at
James McKenna 21 March, 2011
Fellow of RISE, Drew University
jmckenna at
Jim McKie
Lucent Bell Laboratories
jmk at
Gopal Meempat
Lucent Bell Laboratories
gopalmeempat at
Anmol Mehta
Anmol.Mehta at
Janak Mehta 26 February, 2004
Infotronics & Systems Analytics, Scientific Research Lab, Ford Motor Company
jmehta5 at
Benjamin Melamed
Dept. of Management Science and Information Systems, School of Business - New Brunswick, Rutgers University
melamed at
Serf Menocal 03 September, 2006
Bose Corporation
serafin_menocal at
Perry E. Metzger
Piermont Information Systems Inc.
perry at
Paul Miceli
University of Missouri-Columbia
pfm at
Mike Mills 31 January, 2003
mike at
Steve Minzer
sminzer at
Paolo Missier 7 April, 2005
School of Computer Science, The University of Manchester, United Kingdom
pmissier at
Clyde Monma 31 July, 2002
clyde at
Pierre Moulin
University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering and Beckman Institute's Image Formation and Processing Group
moulin at
Stan Moyer 4 July, 2011
Global Inventures
smoyer at
Roy Murray 19 March, 2008
George Mykoniatis
mykoniat2000 at
Dan Nachbar April 9, 2012
Skyacht Aircraft Inc
dan at
Shamim Naqvi
Winphoria Networks
Terence J. Nelson February 1, 2009
Panasonic R&D Company of America
terry at
tjn512 at
Stagg Newman 2 January, 2003
McKinsey & Company
Stagg_Newman at
Mario Joa Ng
Mobilink Telecom Inc.
mjoang at
Jakob Nielsen
Nielsen Norman Group
jakob at
Darren New
First Virtual Holdings Inc
dnew at
Joe Niederberger
Network Architecture & Design, AT&T Labs
jgn at
Nachi Nithi (formerly Nachimuthu Karunanithi, or Karun) 25 September, 2002
Bell Labs, Lucent Technologies
karun at
Charles Nowack
Retired (September 2001)
chaz44 at
Jim Nuernberg (was Human Resources partner for AR) 19 August, 2002
jimnuernberg at
Eric Nussbaum
nussbaum at
Kevin C. O'Brien 15 February, 2006
Retired (for now at least)
kcobrieny at
Mike O'Dell May 29, 2003
Compass Rose Labs LLC
mo at
Andy T. Ogielski 25 September, 2002
Renesys Corporation
ato at
Steve Okun
Lucent Technologies
okun at
Mike Ordun 11 July, 2006
mrmike at
Penina Orenstein 7 August, 2002
Polytechnic University
porenste at
Rafail Ostrovsky 13 April, 2010
Computer Science Department, UCLA
rafail at
Teunis Ott 12 June, 2002
Computer Science Department, New Jersey Institute of Technology
ott at
Todd Outten 7 January, 2007
Co-Founder of Zadspace Inc
outten at
Eung Gi Paek
paek at
Chris Palmstrom 9 February, 2009
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of California - Santa Barbara
cpalmstrom at
Jin-Yi Pan
jin-yi.pan at
Jay Patel
Pennsylvania State University
jayp at
Sarvar Patel
sarvar at
Carol A. Patterson
Access Product Unit, Ericsson
carol.patterson at
John Patterson 28 November, 2005
john_patterson at
Gardner Patton 24 February, 2006
Retired (November 2003)
gcp6 at
Erik Pennings 12 March, 2002
ThreeFive Photonics BV
pennings at
David J. Pepper 13 June, 2006
Nuance Communications
david.pepper at
Marty Perry
Rutgers University
mkperry at
Stewart Personick 18 September, 2013
sdp2 at
Peter Piatko
ppiatko at
Bob Pinheiro 28 July, 2002
pinh at
Ron Plummer 23 July, 2007
rplummer at or ronald.plummer at
Henry Pollak 23 April, 2014
Visiting Professor, Mathematics Education, Columbia University
hop3 at
Phil Porter 9 January, 2003
ptporter at
Lorien Pratt 20 October, 2008
lorien.pratt at
Philip Prindeville 19 March, 2006
Redfish Solutions
philipp at
Parag Pruthi 6 September, 2010
Niksun, Inc.
parag at
Stefano Puglia 2 May, 2005
WLab Ltd. and University of Rome "La Sapienza"
puglia at
Luther Quick 21 July, 2005
radcomm at
Adolfo Quiroz 29 July, 2016
Universidad de los Andes, Colombia
aj.quiroz at
Adam Rachlim 12 October, 2004
Tel-Instruments, Inc.
arachlin at
Bala Rajagopalan 16 January, 2003
Tellium, Inc. (Obsolete; Tellium bought by Zhone)
braja at
S. Raj Rajagopalan 11 August, 2005
HP Labs
Raj dot rajagopalan at hp dot com
Andrew Rajhel
Tellium (Obsolete; Tellium bought by Zhone)
rajhel at
Ram Ramaswami 11 August, 2005
AT&T Labs - Research
vram at
Sridhar Ramaswamy
R. Ramesh
Materials and Nuclear Engineering
University of Maryland
rr136 at
Norman Ramsey 6 September, 2016
Department of Computer Science, Tufts University
nr at
Prasad Rao 11 August, 2005
HP Labs
Prasad dot rao at hp dot com
Deborah Rappaport 13 December, 2004
Telesciences, Inc.
D.Rappaport at
Christophe Ratel 29 September, 2002
Niksun, Inc.
chris at
Brian Redman
ber at
Tom Reingold
Research, Lucent Bell Labs
tommy at
Joel Remde 3 January, 2016
Deceased, 2016
Christine Riley 9 November, 2005
christine.riley at
James Ringo 15 March, 2004
Lab-Volt Systems, Inc.
jringo at
Angel Rodriguez
Intec Systems, Inc.
angelrod at
Steven Rohall 1 January, 2013
IBM Research
steven_rohall at
Jonathan Rosenberg
jr40 at
David Rosenbluth 28 March, 2008
rosenbluthd at
Mark Rosenstein 2 December, 2005
Pearson Knowledge Technologies
mbrmbr at
Ioannis (John) Roudas 27 October, 2004
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Laboratory of Elecromagnetics, University of Patras
roudas at
Mike Roukes
roukes at
Moshe Rozenblit 17 May, 2013
moshe_rozenblit at
Avi Rubin 18 January, 2003
Computer Science Department and Information Security Institute, Johns Hopkins University
avi at
Aita Salasoo 5 December, 2005
asalasoo at
Jawad A. Salehi
Sharif University of Technology
jasalehi at
Tim Sands 9 February, 2009
School of Materials Engineering, Purdue University
tsands at
Iraj Saniee
Computing & Mathematical Sciences Research Division Bell-Labs, Lucent Technologies
iis at
Michael Sannella
mjsannella at
Elisa Santos
emsantos at
David Sappington
Economics Department, University of Florida, Gainesville
sapping at
Yatin Saraiya
Akamai Technologies
yatin at
Louis Scerbo
Peg Schafer
Harvard University
peg at
Cindi Rooney Schell
cindi at
Axel Scherer
etcher at
Debbie Schmitt
deborahgsch at
John Schotland 21 March, 2011
Department of Mathematics, University of Michigan
schotland at
Hermann Schumacher 29 May, 2005
Dept. of Electron Devices and Circuits, University of Ulm
hermann.schumacher at
Steven Schwarz
Department of Physics, Queens College of CUNY
steven_schwarz at
R. C. Sekar
Iowa State University
sekar at
Taruni Uppal Seth
Department of Mathematics, Rutgers University, Newark campus
taruni at
Paul Seymour
Department of Mathematics, Princeton University
pds at
Abdul-Rahim Shareef
shareef at
Fatimah Shehadeh 27 October, 2004
timashehadeh at
Bob Sherman
sherman at
Howard Shirokmann
Tellium (Obsolete; Tellium bought by Zhone)
howards at
Victor Shoup
IBM Zurich
sho at
William Sharkey
Federal Communications Commission
Paul Shumate 18 November, 2002
IEEE Lasers and Electro-Optics Society
p.shumate at
David Sibley
Department of Economics, University of Texas in Austin
sibley at
Yaron Silberberg
Department of Physics of Complex Systems, Weizmann Institute of Science
feyaron at
Daniel Sills 9 May, 2002
dansills1 at
Dave Sincoskie 13 June, 2008
Deceased, October 2010
Late of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Delaware
sincos at
Sharad Singhal
Hewlett-Packard Laboratories
sharad at
Lakshman Sinha
LPSinha at
Dave A. Smith 23 August, 2006
Independent Technical and Intellectual Property Consultant
dave at
Donald Smith
GTE Laboratories
des at
Peter W. E. Smith
Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Toronto
pwes at
Lanny Smoot 21 June, 2002
Walt Disney Imagineering Research and Development
lanny.s.smoot at
Nelson Sollenberger
Mobilink Telecom Inc.
nsollenberger at
G. Hugh Song
Department of Information and Communications, Kwangji Institute of Science and Technology
ghsong at
Julian Soole
Agere Systems
soole at
Scott Soper 9 November, 2005
ess at
Tom Spacek 25 July, 2007
tspacek at
Richard Spady
Nuffield College, Oxford University
richard.spady at
Dan Spears 27 October, 2004
CIENA Corporation [died, March 2004]
Yossi Spiegel 7 April, 2009
Recanati Graduate School of Business Administration, Tel Aviv University
spiegel at
Padmanabhan Srinagesh
Charles River Associates
pxs at
Larry Stead
Human/Computer Interface Research, AT&T Labs
lstead at
Ken Steiglitz
Department of Computer Science, Princeton University
ken at
Ned Stoffel 8 March, 2002
RSoft Design Group, Inc.
ned_stoffel at
Scott Stornetta 31 January, 2006
scott.stornetta at
Lynn Streeter 2 December, 2005
Pearson Knowledge Technologies
lstreeter at
Susan Streisand 29 March, 2005
suelynn2z at
Dan Strick 10 April, 2004
strick at
Mark Sullivan 9 October, 2007
Lehman Brothers
mark_sullivan100 at
Subhash Suri
Computer Science Department, University of California at Santa Barbara
suri at
Deborah Swayne 8 March, 2016
Retired [2016]
dfswayne at
Maria Tamargo
City University of New York
tamar at
Ed Thomas
Algen Design Services
ed at
Sue Thomson
Systems and Solutions Engineering, Cisco Systems
sethomso at
Jim Tobias
Inclusive Technologies
tobias at
Henri Tome
IDT (no longer there)
Jack Tomlinson27 October, 2004
JDS Uniphase
jack.tomlinson at
Ljiljana Trajkovic
School of Engineering Science
Simon Fraser University, BC, Canada
ljilja at
Tom Trotter 10 October, 2005
School of Mathematics, Georgia Institute of Technology
trotter [at]
Manolis Tsangaris 26 May, 2004
Sinastria, Greece
Paul Tukey
David Turock9 November, 2005
dlt at
Stephen Uhler21 August, 2010
suhler at
Ron Underwood
ronald.underwood at
Barry Vaning 20 September, 2013
B&B Model Shop Services, Inc.
barry at
Gail van Pelt
Tellium (Obsolete; Tellium bought by Zhone)
gvp at
Mario Vecchi
mpvecchi at
mario at
Vincent Vecchio 6 November, 2004
Lawrence Associates, LLC
vvecchio at
George Velius
TradeHarbor, Inc.
george.velius at
Ramarathnam Venkatesan (Venkie)
Microsoft Research
venkie at
T. Venky Venkatesan
Center for Superconductivity Research, University of Maryland
venky at
G. A. Venkatesh
Network Computing Research Center, Lucent Bell Labs
venk at
Plinio Vilela 5 December, 2007
yDoo Software Systems
vilela at
Jyri Virkki
Sun Microsystems
jyri at
jyri.virkki at
Rich Vodhanel 27 October, 2004
Corning Incorporated
VodhanelRS at
John Vollaro
jrv at
Ann Von Lehmen 2 September, 2016
avl at
Richard Wagner 27 October, 2004
Strategic Technology Planning, Corning Incorporated
WagnerRE at
Don Walker
Ken Walsh 11 August, 2016
k.walsh at
Steve Walters 1 April, 2003
Independent Consultant; Retired
swalters at
William Warters
Ondria Wasem 11 August, 2003
ondria at
Winston Way 20 January, 2004
OpVista Inc
wway at
Samaradasa (Sam) Weerahandi 2 July, 2002
Research and Analysis, TDS (A Time Warner Company)
sweeraha at
John Y. Wei
jwei at
Victor Wei
Dept of Information Engineering, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Shatin, New Territory, Hong Kong
kwwei at
Andy Weiner
Purdue University
amw at
Abel Weinrib
aweinrib at
Steve Weinstein
NEC, Princeton
sbw at
Louis Weitzman
IBM Internet Technology Group
weitzman at
Dave Weller
dave9969 at
Deanna Wilkes-Gibbs 26 January, 2005
Panasonic Digital Networking Laboratory, Panasonic R&D North America
deanna at or deanna at
Simon Wilkie 26 July, 2011
Economics Department, University of Southern California
swilkie at
Walter Willinger 30 August, 2013
wwilinger at
Alan Willner 21 March, 2011
Dept. of Electrical Engineering, Univ. of Southern California
willner at
Wayne Wilner
wayne.wilner at
Daniel V. Wilson 24 November, 2010
dvw at
Peter Winkler 27 May, 2005
Mathematics Department, Dartmouth College
Peter.Winkler at
Kent Wittenburg 10 October, 2005
MERL (Mitsubishi Electric Research Labs) Technology Lab
kwittenburg at
Rich Wolff 30 March, 2008
Electrical and Computer Engineering Department, Montana State University
rwolff at
Andria Wong
Lucent Technologies
andria at
Doris Woods
chcltmkr at
Liang-Tai Wu
Hong Kong Tel
Liang-Tai.Wu at
Wei M. Xin 25 February, 2013
Oclaro, Inc. at
Eli Yablonovitch
eliy at
Yacov Yacobi
Microsoft Research
yacov at
Alfredo Yi-Yan
JDS Uniphase Corp.
alfredo.yi-yan at
S. J. Ben Yoo 17 February, 2003
Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of California - Davis
yoo at
Ben Yuhas 1 November, 2006
Copernicus Analytics
Jeff Zacks
Department of Psychology, Washington University
jzacks at
Chung-En Zah
Corning, Inc.
czah at
Rob Ziegler
Back at Telcordia
ziegler at

Where are they now?

For these folks, we have partial or uncertain information. Do you know more?

Cecelia Buchanan
Shua Chai -- shua at ?
Steve Cheng, Acer? -- in Taiwan, heads Taiwan Bellcore Alumni Club, we hear
Chi-chao Chao -- ccc at
Cheng-Tie Chen -- ctc at
Bob Klein
Manon Lam -- manon at
Pil Jung Lee -- a Korean university?
Anthony Noerpel -- Hughes Network Systems?
John Raitz
George Ronkin
Kumar Vadaparty - Merrill Lynch, Somerset Office
Ashar Zia -- zia at
Dan Heyman -- retired from AT&T Labs?
Mark Segal -- msegal at, in government
Marilyn Walsh, at Stevens for a while -- same person as Marilyn Welsh?