David G. Hartwell, Inc.

David G. Hartwell, Inc.

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David Hartwell is the President of David G. Hartwell, Inc., a consulting editorial firm:

Science Fiction editor (consulting), Tor Books, 1984 - 1995.

Marketing consultant, Ziff Information Services, 1993.

Administrative consultant, Turner Tomorrow Awards, 1990-91.

Consultant in Science Fiction, Book-of-the-Month Club, June-Dec. 1989.

Consultant, Waldenbooks Otherworlds Club, 1983 - 84.

Science Fiction editor (consulting), G. K. Hall & Co. (Gregg Press), 1975 - 86 (more than 225 hardcover reprint titles selected and essay introductions commissioned and edited).

Science Fiction editor (consulting), Berkley Publishing/G.P. Putnam & Sons, 1973 - 78. Named Editor-in-Chief of Berkley Science Fiction, April, 1978.

Science Fiction editor (consulting), New American Library (Signet), 1971 - 73.

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See also editor, author, anthologist, publisher & bookseller, expert on science fiction, fashion theorist.

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