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Kathryn Cramer
"Your socks should match your tie."

-- David G. Hartwell

"Hartwell is the only editor I know whom you can bribe by giving him second-hand neckties."

-- anonymous science fiction writer

[tangle of neckties]

A tangle of neckties suggests emergent color combinations. With a little careful planning, you too can:

Don't be shy: put on that tie!

* perhaps you've been wanting to devote those extra walk-in closets to ties

[accessories]Fashion tip: Accessorize! Hartwell demonstrates the use of accessories, ably assisted by magazine editors Scott Edelman (Science Fiction Age) & Gardner Dozois (Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine).


Fashion tip:
Match shirt to sunglasses.

Another fashion tip:
Age! Grey hair goes with any combination of colors and patterns!

Ask yourself these important questions:

See neckties of the master!

David Hartwell fashion spread by Kathryn Cramer.


Hartwell's Three Laws of Fashion

by David G. Hartwell

  1. To Dress in ignorance of Fashion is to Dress badly.

  2. To Dress knowingly in Fashion is to become invisible.

  3. To Dress knowingly in opposition to Fashion is to have your own style.