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The Homespun Ceilidh Band at the Olde Towne Tavern, 27 October, Gaithersburg, Maryland

On October 27, from 7 to 11 pm, The Homespun Ceilidh Band will be playing at the Olde Towne Tavern and Brewing Company in Gaithersburg, MD. The Olde Towne Tavern is Montgomery County's first brewpub and features about six varieties of beer brewed on the premises. They have live music most nights. This will be their first venture into Celtic music. The Olde Towne Tavern is located at the intersection of Diamond and Summit Avenues in the "Old Town" section of Gaithersburg. There is no cover charge for this performance.

The phone number of the Olde Towne Tavern is 301 948-4200.

Directions (from DC)

Coming north on I270, take exit 9 for I370 east. Signs will say "Gaithersburg town center". As you come around the curve of the exit, keep right to get on I370 east. Immediately you will start seeing signs for 355 North to town center. The exit is within a mile; go north on 355. Keep in the right lane of 355. After about a mile and a quarter you will come to Summit Ave. There is a traffic light, and the right lane is 'turn only'. Turn right onto Summit. After about a block, you will come to the railroad tracks. When you cross the tracks, the brewpub is the building on your left.

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