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Glenn's Christmas (and birthday) Wish List


This is a list I keep around throughout the year and edit as things occur to me, or as I acquire things or have things wear out. er, used to / intend to edit throughout the year, but I kinda forgot about it for a couple of years and just made the first edits in quite some time. The main reason for it is to email to my mother around Thanksgiving when she asks me what I want for Christmas. (If some of the comments sound like they're directed to one person rather than a general audience, that's why.) After muttering about how convenient it would be if friends put wishlists on the net (back when I had the money to buy presents for more than just immediate family, housemates, and my girlfriend), and especially after looking back at the mini-essay on wishlists I put in my thoughts and musings page, I figured, "Why not just start the ball rolling by putting my wishlist on the web, and see whether it catches on." Okay, so I haven't exactly made it front-page news on my main page ... (Still a little self-conscious about looking "grabby", y'know?)

And yeah, there are some things I'd love that I dare not put on a list to send to my mother, be it because I'd hate to shock or upset her or because it would be difficult for her to get me the right thing. (My friends, for example, know much more about the styles of clothes I prefer than my mother does, for example, as she's never seen me in the clothes I usually wear.) I haven't decided whether to include them in this version of the list or not. ;-)

on to what I send Mom...

Quoting myself from here on .....

As usual, this list covers the range of prices from trivial to ridiculous. Likewise the range of how-easy-to-find. I figure the more you know about what I want, the easier it'll be to get me something I like that isn't on the list if you decide to surprise me or can't find any of the things I've listed. The idea behind a long list isn't to ask for lots of things -- it's to provide you with lots of options -- I don't want to ask for one thing and have it turn out to be something you can't find. :-)

A few sources -- both for stuff I've asked for and for other stuff to surprise me with:

Musical instruments and supplies

Most of the instrument & equipment places also sell some books & sheet music. Many (most?) will also get your order to you within a week. Some will get it there in three days for no extra charge.

	Used Gear By Mail (aka Daddy's Junky Music), NH	1-603-894-6492
		Used instruments & equipment, some new
		items as well

	Chuck Levin's, Wheaton, MD
		Retailer, new instruments & equipment,
		Not just rock.  Some used gear.

	Dale Music, Silver Spring, MD
		Will special order sheet music from publishers.
		Have some used instruments (at least woodwinds).

	The House of Musical Traditions, Takoma Park, MD	301-270-9090
		Folk & exotic instruments, books, sheet 
		music, CDs.  

	Veneman Music, Rockville, MD
		Retailer, new instruments & equipment,
		on Twinbrook Parkway.  Pretty much 
		rock-oriented.  They also have a Northern
		Virginia store.

	American Musical Supply, NJ			1-800-458-4076
		Retailer, new instruments & equipment

	America's Choice, MN				1-800-832-2637
		Gifts, T-shirts, etc.  Apparently part
		of American Musical Supply, despite
		being halfway across the continent.

	Bringe Music Supply, FL				1-888-682-2200
		Quirky selection but good prices, extensive 
		percussion section.  A little slow (delivery 
		time about a week longer than AMS or 
		Musician's Friend).

	Capital Supply, MO				1-800-654-9393
		Retailer, new instruments & equipment
		BBS at 1-314-339-7226 (which I haven't

	Carvin, CA					1-800-854-2235
		Manufacturer that sells direct through 
		their own catalog -- guitars, basses, amps, PA 

	Elderly Instruments, MI				1-517-372-7890
		Wide range of instruments, accessories,

	Friendship House, OH				1-800-791-9876
		Books, videos, posters, novelties, 
		classroom stuff, gifts, some useful 

	Lark In The Morning, CA				1-707-964-5569
	WWW http:// 			Larknet/larkhp.html
		Lots of exotic, early, and non-Western
		instruments and kits.  High prices.

	Hobgoblin Music, England			+44-1293-515858
		Retailer, new & used folk & early instruments
		P.O. Box 12
		West Sussex
		RH12 4YE

	Interstate Musician Supply			1-800-IN-A-BAND
		Retailer, new instruments & equipment,

	Manny's Mailbox Music, NY			1-800-4-48TH-ST
		Retailer, new instruments & equipment

	Silvershell Musical Instruments, MA 		1-508-748-0331
		Albert E. Winters, instrument builder.
		Harps, dulcimers, slit drums, bowed psalteries.

	Musician's Friend, OR 				1-800-776-5173
		Retailer, new instruments & equipment

	The Music Stand, NH				1-800-717-7010
		Novelties, gifts, some useful items

	Rocky Mountain Enterprises, PA			1-412-464-0198
		Handmade musical instruments, mostly
		stringed.  They also do custom work.
		I know most of the folks there.  One of 
		them can be reached at

	The Woodwind And Brasswind
		Separate catalogs for rock instruments,
		woodwinds, brass, electronic music, drums,
		misc.  Catalogs can be requested from their
		web page, and partial catalogs are available
		in electronic form there (and orders can be
		placed over the web).

	Kelischek Workshop                      1-800-747-8755
	199 Waldroup Road, Brasstown, North Carolina, 28902 USA
		Makers of historical instruments and also
		retailers of instruments built elsewhere.
		Krummhorns, cornamusen, recorders, ouds, percussion.

Sheet music

	Dale Music, Silver Spring
		Will special order from publishers.

	The House of Musical Traditions, Takoma Park	301-270-9090
		Most likely source for renaissance 
		dance music.

	Music Dispatch, WI				1-800-637-2852
		They have separate Guitar, Drum, Piano,
		Electronic Keyboard and Organ, and Jazz
		catalogs.  Mostly pop/rock based.

Random nifty/fun stuff

	Edmund Scientific, NJ				1-609-547-8880
		Toys, gizmos, parts, kits, lasers, some
		tools.  Most of it not "practical", but 
		fun.  Mark would probably get a kick 
		out of some of the items in this catalog

	Jerryco, IL					1-312-475-8440
		Random odd surplus stuff, some of it
		fascinating.  Last catalog I have from
		them is old -- don't know for sure 
		whether they're still in business.
		Very random!


	Leichtung Workshops, OH				1-800-321-6840
		Mostly carpentry tools.  They have some
		large drill bits (up to 0.5") for 0.25"
		drills (like Dad's) that I would find

	Micro Mark, NJ					1-800-225-1066
		Mostly for model-builders, miniatures.
		Lots and lots of useful stuff for wood,
		plastic, and metal.

Online Sources For Otherwise Ordinary Stuff

	CD Connection
		Extensive -- darned near complete, as far as I can
		tell -- selection of CDs.

	Books Online					1-216-861-0469
	www:  hhtp://
		Fairly impressive selection of books, searchable
		by subject, title, author.
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