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Welcome to the "Youthful Indiscretion." home page. We're a J/30 racing program based out of Cedar Point Yacht Club, a racing focused club on the north shore of Long Island Sound, in Westport Connecticut. The boat has two owners, David W. Levine, and Bill Moran. We run an active J/30 racing program, including Wednesday night JAM (Jib and Main) relaxed club racing, Sunday around the bouy club racing at CPYC, and J/30 One design events on LI sound. If you are interested in racing with us, please drop e-mail.


2006 Schedule:

Here are current work schedule highlights, and tentative regatta dates

Date Event Comments
April 17 Work Session Wet sand bottom, finish hull waxing, interior work
May 8
Work Session Burnish hull, Mast Rigging, Handrails
May  13 Work Session Final pre-launch work session or Delivery and Practice
May  21 Delivery / Practice Meet Norwalk Cove, 11:00, In by 5:00 
May 24 CPYC Wednesday Night JAM #1 First Gun 1830, Meet 1700
May 31
CPYC Wednesday Night JAM #2 First Gun 1830, Meet 1700
June 3,4
CPYC Championship, J/30 Districts
First Gun 11:00  Harbor Start 10:00  meet  0930
Party afterwards
June  7
CPYC Wednesday night JAM #3 First Gun1830,  Meet 1730
June 11 CPYC Sunday Series First Gun 1300, Meet 1130

Wed/Sun races continue for summer 

July  8,9 (Tentative)
J/30 One design racing, Raritan YC, Red Grant Regatta. Deliveries likely 7/7, 7/10
Note: 2 days of racing, logistics TBD, boat will be at Raritan YC
September 9,10
Larchmont YC NOOD J/30 One Design Start - Circa 10 J/30s
Delivery September 9. Meet time will be around 9:00 AM at McMichaels in Mammaroneck
September  15,16,17
J/30 North Americans, CPYC
3 days of racing, 10:00 meets. 15-20 J/30s,
tight racing....


New 3DL #1, New Main this season. Handrails replaced, Engine Box back bulkhead rebuilt, Spinnaker pole rebuilt

Current Sail Inventory:

Sail Year, comments
Main 2006 North  NorDac (5/21 Delivery)
#1 Genoa 2006 North  3DL (5/21 Delivery)
#2 Genoa No longer required by class
#3 Genoa 2000 North 3DL (9 days of use)
.75 AP Spinnaker 2004 North  (26 days of use)

Commisioning Punch List:

Here is the current working list for the spring commisioning season:

Summer Projects:

Picture Gallery:

    Racing pictures:

    Larchmont YC NOOD, J/30 Division Start (Jennifer Davies, Sailing World photo)


    Maintenance pictures

       Taking off 20 years of bottom paint - Spring 2000

After we'd owned the boat for  a full season, we decided it was time to  sort out the boat's bottom. We'd bought the boat with a fresh coat of  generic cruiser's bottom paint on it, some sort of ablative, copolymer paint. We sailed with that in 1998, for the five or six weekends we got out. In the spring of 1999, we sanded things down quite a bit, and threw a high quality ablative on, lightly wet sanding as we went.  When we hauled the boat in the fall, the bottom looked... well, beat. We decided to do a major effort in the spring of 2000.

We didn't take quite enough pictures to capture the full pain of this project, but these sure help. We peeled off all the old ablative paint from the boats's bottom. We thought we were fniished, when we hit a gray level, until we found it was an epoxy paint covering about six years worth of baltoplate. Ugh. We ended up spending five weekends on the project, using chemical strippers, gels, sanding, and more strippers and sanding. Then we got to fair, barrier coat and paint. We could have spent a few more weekends fairing, but we put that off in favor of racing.