My oh-so-temporary homepage

Yes, you've stumbled onto the homepage I finally got around to hacking together. Not a pretty site, eh?

New as of late April 2003: a blow-by-blow account of my lawsuit against a telemarketer who made the extremely bad business decision to call me in the pre-dawn hours.

A few other things arguably worth seeing here: an article I wrote in early 1996 on the subject of email spam and the federal law banning junk faxes, and an article on crypto keys, court-ordered production, and the Fifth Amendment. There's also the text of 18 U.S.C. § 1030, also known as the federal Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, as of 10/25/01. What you see here includes not only the 1994 amendments but also the extensive amendments enacted on October 11, 1996. It does not incorporate the 10/26/01 anti-terrorism bill amendments; I will add those shortly.

Versions of other print articles (plus the Legal Research FAQ and other useful tools) will appear as time permits. Don't get your knickers in a twist waiting for this to happen right away.

This site now includes an interesting demonstration of the security weaknesses in most browser software.

Click the following deep link for an example of a site that absurdly attempts to prohibit deep linking. The morons at Dallas Morning News also think I'm violating the law by linking to this article about the Melissa virus. Oh, and here's the latest stupidity, wherein NPR "reserve[s] the right to withdraw permission for any link" to their site. Reserve this, you thumbsucking fools.

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