A few examples of business sites, publishing imprint sites, and book-feature sites I've created and maintained, listed here to illustrate various interactive tools and promotional services. Unless noted, I created all HTML and graphics. Click on the screen shots to connect to the sites themselves. For quotes on my work, see the references page.

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BOILING POINT: www.boiling-point.com
BOILING POINT is a consulting company specializing in organizing and facilitating problem-solving and idea-generation workshops for major businesses. Besides building their Web site, I have led the development of new online tools they are incorporating into their facilitation offerings. Building the Web site from the ground up enabled and led to a major extension of the company's product offerings into the online medium. BOILING POINT's clients include American Express, Pepsi-Cola, AT&T, Nabisco, Lucent Technologies, Fisher-Price, Frito-Lay, BestFoods, Helene Curtis, International Paper, and Taco Bell.


screen shot Del Rey Books: www.randomhouse.com/delrey/
A well-established and extremely deep site for a science-fiction and fantasy imprint. Since we knew SF/F fans were very likely to be online, Del Rey put considerable time and effort into this site and its upkeep. (Main page graphics created by designer; all feature promotions created by myself except The Crow. Monthly maintenance now done by others.)

The Ballantine Publishing Group
An information-rich site with increasing depth of content for Ballantine, a publisher with a wide-ranging list. Genre areas have their own look; specific lines of books have their own areas; specific audiences, such as secondary teachers, have their own targeted areas as well. (Main site architecture, HTML, and graphics created by myself; redesigned since then by others).

screen shot The Del Rey Online Writing Workshop:
This was a project designed to increase traffic to the main Del Rey site, increase traffic overall, and create positive word-of-mouth for the Del Rey Books imprint. A peer-reviewed online writing workshop where SF/F writers could submit chapters or short stories, review and rate the work of others, and discuss the craft of writing and SF/F writing in specific with other workshop members. More popular than Del Rey expected--over 8,000 members.

screen shot I Am Jackie Chan: My Life in Action: www.randomhouse.com/iamjackiechan/
A feature promotion for an autobiography, with a variety of interactive pieces. (Navigation graphics created by designer.)

screen shot The Silver Wolf feature promotion for Del Rey Books: www.randomhouse.com/silverwolf/
A feature promotion for the first book in a new dark historical fantasy series. Because Del Rey was promoting this book heavily, the site went online in advance of publication and included some special pre-publication features.

screen shot Star Wars site area for Del Rey Books: www.randomhouse.com/delrey/starwars/
An area of the Del Rey site devoted to Star Wars books old and new. (Since redesigned.)