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Hi! Welcome to my "me-page"- last updated Feb '98, dedicated to me, and of course, my beloved friends all over the world . This is the place where you get to find out who I am. Feel free to read my boring personal profile below...

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Personal Profile


A long time ago


Financial Software Developer.

Goal in Life

To enjoy the journey. Too many people put their lives on hold for hope of some sort of promised future. One thing I learned in my return to fitness is that the journey is more important than the pie in the sky. That doesn't mean one shouldn't set goals, it just means that one shouldn't lose sight of the present.


I used to keep myself very fit. Graduate school let me get badly out of shape, but then I returned to exercise, and spent a year getting into shape again. I run competitively and compete in races now. During my years at UT Austin and Melbourne, I enjoyed going to Buddhist studies society meetings. I find Buddhist philosophy very appealing, and embrace it as best I can.

Favourite Music

Miles Davis, Sarah Vaughan (beautiful voice!), John Coltrane, (especially the classic quartet recordings), Raymond Scott (quirky jazz musician who wrote cartoon-like music), My Dying Bride (love songs with a twist...) Mr Bungle (psycho-carnival music), Shinjiku Thief (Sydney based ambient movie soundtrack stuff), Carcass, Darkthrone,   Pestilence, Pink Floyd, Ravel, Prokofiev, Mussorsgky

Pet Vice

Addicted to caffeine, especially coffee grown in Sumatra, Indonesia

Favourite foods

Firstly, I'm vegetarian. Thai, Chinese and Indian cuisines all include quality veggie food.