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My main research interests are geometry/topology and combinatorial group theory. In particular, I'm very interested in something called ``geometric group theory''. Geometric group theory is a recent area of mathematical research inspired by combinatorial group theorists and low dimensional topologists.

I attended Melbourne University 1992-95. In the honours program ( fourth year ) , I was introduced to geometric group theory ( in particular, Epstein's "Wordprocessing in Groups" and Mosher's work on Mapping class groups ) and developed an interest in it at an early stage. I then moved to UT Austin for the PhD program. However, there was very little in the way of geometric group theory at Austin, and in 97, I left with Newark. I am currently working with Lee Mosher on extensions of geometrically finite hyperbolic groups.

Here is a short list of some people who work in geometric group theory or related fields. While this list clearly does not mention every significant contributor to the field ( in fact several big names are omitted because I couldn't find their webpages ) but the people listed here have all published interesting results.

Lee Mosher,
John Harer
Benson Farb
Walter Neumann ,
Chuck Miller 
John Stallings.

Some other interesting links include : The department of mathematics at Melbourne's Geometry and topology home page   or their Algebra page.

The Magnus Preprint Archive contains a number of interesting papers.

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