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that I have written.


Linux Book-marks
Replacing Win95?

Video Modes

My perl program that generates modelines for XFree86


Useful information mostly written by me, ( with the exception of the bash manpage )

The Font HOWTO. Detailed document on dealing with fonts in Linux.
Intro to Unix
Introduction to make, autoconf and libtool
The adventures of a sip newbie. sip is a tool for generating python bindings to C++ toolkits. It is used to create the Qt and KDE python bindings.
UNIX command summary
grep tutorial powerful search tool
sed tutorial scripts to edit text files
Autofs in Linux automatically mounting removable media
procmail tutorial well known email filter
bash manpage the man page for the bash shell. Warning: this is long (~210k)
bash tute a quick tute on scripting using the bash shell. Note that most of it also applies to sh, ksh and zsh.

Linux Software Reviews-

Word Processors
Graphics tools
(User Friendly)Text Editors
GUI Mailtools
File managers and FTP clients

Project Independence

An ease of use oriented linux project that I am working on. (I design the webpage and build some of the software)

Quotes From Linux Hardware Shops

Medium cost IDE boxes

Want linux pre-installed, but can't afford a machine from VaResearch ? try this ... Note: This page is somewhat obsolete. But it is still quite useful for seeing how the different vendors stack up in terms of price competition.

SCSI Dream Machines

Want a SCSI dream machine with linux pre-installed ? Go here.

LDP products page

Has a very good list of linux hardware vendors. Free stuff.

My Vim page