philips keychain digital camera

I have a "Philips" branded miniature digital camera. I have been able to use it with gphoto2 2.1.99head, but only if I do not select 'compressed' images. Since the camera holds about 20 uncompressed images and about 60 compressed, I'd really prefer to use compressed. The camera is identified as as "Digital Camera CD302N" by gtkam. The windows tool provided can make sense of the compressed and uncompressed images. Supposedly this thing can take video, but I have yet to figure out how.
  1. png of compressed image
    photo0033 -- This is a compressed image from the camera, as saved by gtkam. That program would have us believe it is a ppm file, but it clearly isn't, even if it has the right headers for ppm. What is it?
  2. png of uncompressed image
    photo0034 -- This is an uncompressed image from the camera, as saved by gtkam. This is a ppm file. The picture is of a pink post-it note on my monitor.

This camera review has what appears to be the same camera, but he says it identifies differently to gphoto. (Mine is blue, though. I've also seen it in pink.) The camera is about 60mm x 40mm x 15mm, powered by one AAA cell. It loses all pictures stored if the battery dies. The clip on the keychain part of mine broke after several months. I love this camera, though, because of it's super small size, and the zen of the poor quality images.