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QZ redux

A Directory of Interesting Things
selected by B.E.G. / E.t.B.





Under the hood

blosxom based

Molding Your Date

Plaster body casting for everyone.


[2004 Oct 21] [/do-it-yourself] [#]

The Woman's Day Star Wars Playset

Photos, commentary, and plans for a Star Wars playset (unauthorized) first described in a 1978 issue of Woman's Day magazine.


[2004 May 17] [/do-it-yourself] [#]


This is a website that automates creating a personal handwriting font. When I did this twelve years ago, hand tracing letters with Adobe Illustrator, then importing them into Fontographer, it took me months of spare time. Now it is an online app, available for free.


[2004 Feb 02] [/do-it-yourself] [#]

Building a Balancing Scooter

Segway (ginger/it) clone built for about $2000 using off the shelf parts.


[2003 Oct 21] [/do-it-yourself] [#]

Umbrella Project

No how-to here, just a cool idea implemented and photographed: a dress made entirely from the skins of discarded umbrellas.


[2004 Mar 24] [/do-it-yourself/clothing] [#]

Deviant Latex Sheeting

US maker and seller of latex material by the yard, perfect for your fetishwear needs.


[2004 Jan 06] [/do-it-yourself/clothing] [#]

Clone Yourself a Fitting Assistant 2

This dress form how-to uses paper mache.


[2003 Oct 10] [/do-it-yourself/clothing] [#]

Clone Yourself a Fitting Assistant

Another duct tape dress form how-to.


[2003 Oct 10] [/do-it-yourself/clothing] [#]

Duct Tape Dummy

A method of making a dress form using duct tape and a tee shirt.


[2003 Oct 10] [/do-it-yourself/clothing] [#]

Sam Barros' PowerLabs

Fun things you can do with electricity, like rail guns, big sparks, microwave ball lightning, etc.


[2003 Nov 18] [/do-it-yourself/educational] [#]

Easy to Make Science Toys

Simple railguns, radios, PVC vacuum pumps, etc.


[2003 Sep 25] [/do-it-yourself/educational] [#]

Steampunk workshop: Keyboard

A standard computer keyboard reworked with typewriter keys and a brass frame to make a very old fashioned looking interface.


[2007 Jun 26] [/do-it-yourself/eletronics] [#]

Build a Theremin

Plans to build one of the first electronic music instruments using just parts from Radio Shack. The creator warns these are not for the inexperienced, and soldering is required.


[2004 Jan 21] [/do-it-yourself/eletronics] [#]

Home Built Icyball

The Icyball was a commercially sold refridgeration system that had no moving parts and was powered by a heat source. Perfect for on the road cooling, or backwater farms with no electricity. This page discusses a home built modern version.


[2005 Jun 15] [/do-it-yourself/historical-recreation] [#]

How to Make Iron Gall Ink

A simple to make and historically very popular ink, now the bane of archivists due to its strong corrosive acidity. This site is primarily aimed at archivist, but has this side bar on modern translations of traditional iron gall recipes.


[2004 Apr 28] [/do-it-yourself/historical-recreation] [#]

Mechanical Television in Colour

This hobbiest has recreated a mechanical television (a moving light is rapidly turned on and off by radio signal to create an image), put a pair of eye holes in for stereoscopic images, added spinning RGB filters to add color, and built a mechanical camera too.


[2003 Dec 16] [/do-it-yourself/historical-recreation] [#]

Unwise Microwave Oven Experients

This site is one of the more out there catalogs of fun things to do with microwave ovens. Sites like this help establish the microwave as the single most exciting appliance in a typical house.


[2003 Sep 19] [/do-it-yourself/humor] [#]

The Experiment Log

Several college playing-with-fire "experiments" with details on how to recreate them. Four of the five are merely good, but number three, "The Act of God" is standout.

You might want to hold back on doing this one if you want your security deposit back when you move.


[2003 Sep 09] [/do-it-yourself/humor] [#]

Build a "Square Incher" Microkite

Plans for a mylar kite with with a surface area of about one and a half square inches (on each side). Perfect for a kite to fly in the breeze of your computer power-supply fan. (I used mylar from potato chip bag for mine.)


[2008 Nov 21] [/do-it-yourself/low-tech] [#]


The Pot-in-Pot is a very low tech, no electricity, no compressor, refrigerator. As the name implies it is made from two pots, one inside the other, and the gap filled with wet sand. The evaporation of water from the middle layer is the source of the cooling. Invented by Mohammed Bah Abba of Nigeria.


[2004 Mar 22] [/do-it-yourself/low-tech] [#]

Matchstick Rockets

Complete instructions to make a small rocket fueled by a single paper match.


[2004 Feb 27] [/do-it-yourself/low-tech] [#]

Pepsi-G Stove

This is a camping stove made from aluminum cans and epoxy. The basic design works with most any soda or beer cans, but the specifics here are geared towards a 12oz Pepsi can and a 14.9oz Guinness can.


[2004 Feb 05] [/do-it-yourself/low-tech] [#]

Pinhole photography by Justin Quinnell

Some photographs and several different pinhole camera designs, ranging from 110 based mini-camera that can take pictures from inside a mouth, to "wheely bin" garbage can cameras that use 1.4m x 1m paper.


[2004 Jan 28] [/do-it-yourself/low-tech] [#]

Homemade Coil Lanyards

Cheap phone cords have many non-telephone uses, apparently.


[2003 Dec 02] [/do-it-yourself/low-tech] [#]

BurundiDirect: Plastic Bag Soccer Ball

This story of ubbish to functional football, with pictures of every step, comes from the African nation of Burundi.


[2003 Oct 27] [/do-it-yourself/low-tech] [#]

Mac Aquariums

Gallery of MacQuariums and links to various Mac-based aquarium sites and plans.


[2003 Nov 19] [/do-it-yourself/macquarium] [#]

Aquaria by Jim

Various computer aquariums, including old Macs and even Apple Lisas.


[2003 Nov 19] [/do-it-yourself/macquarium] [#]

Cube Quarium

A Mac Cube transformed into an aquarium.


[2003 Nov 19] [/do-it-yourself/macquarium] [#]

Microwave Melting of Metals

A "foundry in every kitchen". Special crucible construction techniques to make microwave smelting and casting workable. An all in one crucible and mold is made, the metal is melted in a very slightly modified (masking tape over vent holes) microwave, about 17 minutes for a third of a kilo of silver, then the crucible/mold is inverted to make the casting. Clever and appealing.


[2005 Jan 24] [/do-it-yourself/metalworking] [#]

Replica Instruments

Antique scientific instruments like astrolabes, compasses, sundials, and armillary spheres reproduced, mostly in copper, brass, and bronze.


[2003 Dec 05] [/do-it-yourself/metalworking] [#]

Fun with Molten Metal

A personal account of making a home foundary, starting with fashioning a crucible from a five gallon stock pot and ending with some castings. Very cool, but a couple of the steps don't provide enough detail, unfortunately.


[2003 Aug 22] [/do-it-yourself/metalworking] [#]

Ready Mech

Print, cut, fold. Monsters, robots, etc, all from an 8.5"x11" page.


[2007 Sep 06] [/do-it-yourself/papercraft] [#]

Haunted Paper Toys

Lots of cool goth/Halloweenish paper projects to print and assemble. Files are MS Word documents, rather than PDFs or plain images however.


[2005 Jun 14] [/do-it-yourself/papercraft] [#]

Money Wallet

Modular origami of a sort. Twenty bills folded in two groups to make a wallet for holding more money. With instructions in a wordless form eerily reminescent of Ikea assembly manuals.


[2005 Jan 11] [/do-it-yourself/papercraft] [#]

The Elements of Pop-Up

This book for "aspiring paper engineers" provides an encyclopedia of pop-up effects each with explanation of how it works. The more complicated effects which benefit from a model that can be disassembled are not glued shut allowing the reader to open them up to reveal the inner workings. The opening page has a very dramatic monster which serves to illustrate many of the techniques combined for a single creation. The ending page gives an overview of the steps to publish a pop-up book.

I've found this helpful in designing pop-up cards, which I make as one-offs.

Commerce Link

[2004 Oct 22] [/do-it-yourself/papercraft] [#]

World Upsidedown

Seller of paper automata to assemble and premade cards. Mostly risque.


[2004 Apr 23] [/do-it-yourself/papercraft] [#]

Star Wars Papercraft

Japanese language site with papercraft models from Star Wars.


[2004 Mar 17] [/do-it-yourself/papercraft] [#]

NASA Paper Models

Official NASA paper models of various space craft and landers.


[2004 Mar 16] [/do-it-yourself/papercraft] [#]


A Japanese language page with free PDFs for papercraft robots.


[2004 Mar 16] [/do-it-yourself/papercraft] [#]

Reviresco Paper and Multi-media kits

Historical ships, planes, buildings, real and revisionist history. All for sale, mostly paper craft. Includes things like steam powered submarines, zeppelins, and sci-fi space ships.


[2004 Mar 16] [/do-it-yourself/papercraft] [#]