From a letter to Gordon Couling written by the Barrie Hill United Church minister..

"The Redecoration Committee of Barrie Hill United Church wishes to place itself on record as being greatly pleased with the work you have done on the interior and exterior of our church. You have given us both beauty and thoroughness and the work has been satisfactory in every detail. The Congregation has been so satisfied that it has raised more then enough to meet our obligations.

We will be glad to show your work to anyone who may be interested, and to recommend you to anyone you may wish to refer to us. Indeed we understand that two churches have already secured your services through seeing this completed job. You have our best wishes as you do your part to make the churches more worshipful."

From a letter by Earle G. Dale, Minister, Barrie Hill United Church, July 12, 1941. Gordon Couling Collection, Archive Centre, University of Guelph library, Guelph, Ontario, Canada.

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