Letter to Gordon Couling from the Clerk of Session of the West Point Grey United Church in Vancouver, B.C.:

Dear Mr. Couling,

At a recent meeting of Session, the decorative work above the choir was mentioned, and while words cannot fully express the gratitude of the Session for such a wonderful gift to the church, I was instructed to convey to you and your assistant, Hugh Dobson, their heartfelt thanks. The design of the scheme and the skill in carrying it out is of the highest order, showing not only clever craftsmanship but true devotion to a high ideal.

Due recognition will be made by the congregation, but the members of session wished you to know how much your work of love is appreciated by them.

Sincerely, J. Montgomery, Clerk of Session

From a letter dated January 4th, 1946. Gordon Couling Collection, Archive Center, University of Guelph library, Guelph, Ontario, Canada

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